End of Year- Progressive Networking Dinner

Progressive Dinner Networking Events

Help You to Create Business Relationships Over Dinner

…A Relaxed Yet Structured Form of Business Networking That Recognises That Your Time Matters!


Your Time Matters’ Next Progressive Dinner:

Tuesday 28th November , 2017 5.30pm-9.00pm

The Deck, 212 Bay Street, Brighton




Why Do You Go to Networking Events?

Do you go to buy products and services from other business owners? - NO!

Do you go to sell your products and services to other business owners? - NO!

Networking is about building relationships, establishing valuable connections, and gaining knowledge so that you can create opportunities. It’s about starting conversations that you can continue outside the event and building trust. Networking events can and do lead to more business opportunities, partnerships, and sales, but that is not their primary purpose.

"I love that these events allow not only for multiple connections but also for deeper connections than other networking events I've attended over the past couple of decades. I put this down to the format of the card prompting questions in small groups and the structured format. It works!"

Jenny Bell, Jenny Bell Consulting

Why the Progressive Dinner Format?

Sharing a meal together. Extending hospitality… In many cultures these are expressions of trust and a commitment to amnesty and good faith. For most of us, meals are times for conversation and relationship building. So, our progressive dinners build on these characteristics because they express our belief that networking is about building relationships, not about sales.

Your Time Matters’ Progressive Dinners provide: -

  • • An opportunity to eat and enjoy relaxed, but meaningful conversation with matched business people
  • • Introductions to other guests with whom you have common interests
  • • Structured conversations using special YTM Conversation Card decks that help you to give and receive value
  • • Opportunities for casual conversation with like-minded people
  • • Enjoyable, yet efficient networking opportunities and excellent speakers

We know your time is a scarce and non-renewable resource. Networks are critical if we are to gain access to the people, services, products, and ideas we need to grow our businesses, but many networking meetings turn into sales pitches.

The Progressive Dinner is a different type of networking event that focuses on making connections and building relationship. Many of our members have been with us for years because of the value our events deliver through the relationships they’ve formed. We are a friendly community that makes even the shyest person feel welcome.

“Kerryn’s YTM events are a saving grace, especially if, like me, you are new to networking. When I first entered the room I felt very nervous; but Kerryn came over and quickly put me to ease while introducing me to some key individuals… I urge you to go to an event, they are fun, enlightening and you may even learn a more about yourself!”

Vanda Cummins, Business Relationship Manager at Pasme Pty. Ltd.

What Happens at a Progressive Dinner?

  • • 3 hours of strategic conversations that give you plenty of time to talk and listen to others + a delicious 2-course meal + informative speakers
  • • Open networking with your hosts primed to make helpful introductions and ensure you aren’t standing by yourself
  • • 2 x tables of 6-8 strategically matched, like-minded business owners (you change tables after the main course)
  • • YTM’s unique Conversation Starter cards to create meaningful timed discussions (everyone gets a chance to participate)
  • • Relaxed yet structured format
  • • An informative and relevant speaker or panel to answer questions and provide ideas for your business

When you register, we’ll ask about your networking goals: -

  • • People you’d like to meet
  • • Partnerships you are looking for
  • • Services or products you need
  • • Complimentary businesses etc.

This information enables us to introduce you to like-minded people when you arrive, and place you strategically at tables that give you the greatest opportunity to make connections with the people you are looking for.

Your Time Matters’ events are about connecting, engaging, building relationships and seeking opportunities to grow yourself and your business… Not selling!”

Bookings are Essential and Close 5 DAYS Prior to Event!

Why? - Because we take time to strategically match you with other guests at tables, and line up suitable introductions for when you arrive...and the catering has to be finalised!


Book Now for the Progressive Dinner on 28 NOVEMBER

In addition to ample opportunity for conversation during open networking and dinner table conversations, this month



BENEFITS from attending this event

  • New perspectives on how to improve business
  • Ideas to challenge your thinking and encourage change for the better
  • Expand your horizons through conversations and discussion with others
  • Make new connections and strengthen existing relationships

What People Say About YTM Progressive Dinners: -

“I joined YTM networking three years ago with the goal of meeting liked minded business people, connect and network and by so doing grow my business. Like any networking activity, it takes time and effort before you can see results. Well, time and effort paid off as I have made numerous connections through the YTM networking events, established solid relationships and received several quality referrals which translated to closed business and further assist in the development and maintenance of the relationship. YTM events have my full endorsement.”

Ronen Atzmon, Atzmon & Co, Solicitors, May 2014


"YTM events always run like clockwork. I have found them to be extremely beneficial… I have made some amazing connections not only with people who have booked in for my organising services, but also with some fantastic and professional people to affiliate my business with. I’ve even made some good friends. Highly recommended!”Sue Glasser - PaperClip Professional Organisers


“Wonderful. Met relevant business contacts. Following up with at least three. I have attended networking groups for years…yours was the first group to give real contacts and with you knowing and making introductions was great”.

F. Pappa, August 2016


“I had a great night last night, so well organised….”

Andy Fothergill, Home to Garden Plumbing, Feb 2014


“Fantastic night. Great bunch of people and a bit of fun, too. One of the most valuable networking events I’ve attended.”

Stephen Read, Stephen Read Landscape Design, May 2014


“Thanks to the effective format, I have made business connections quicker and deeper than at any other events, and established an ongoing relationship with an ideal client. It's not only the ‘speed’ format, it's the organisation around it and the way it is set up to facilitate meaningful conversations. Kerryn is a great facilitator who takes a lot of care in organising her events, from the room set up to the fascinating keynote speakers. You are sure to learn something.”

Natalie Giventi, Unlimited Mindset Solutions


“Kerryn’s YTM events are a saving grace, especially if, like me, you are new to networking. When I first entered the room I felt very nervous, but Kerryn came over and quickly put me to ease while introducing me to some key individuals. I never looked back. Kerryn’s passion to connect and engage business owners through well organised events is evident by her repeat customers. She is always happy to share her knowledge and (it seems) effortlessly connect you with just the people you hope to meet. I urge you to go to an event, they are fun, enlightening and you may even learn a more about yourself!”

Vanda Cummins, Business Relationship Manager at Pasme Pty. Ltd.

So, if you want to generate more business and build a network that will support you. ....BOOK TODAY!

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