From the hundreds of converations we have had, we know small businesses face challenges, including isolation, cashflow and confidence. By talking about your business and having deeper conversations you can open up opportunities, create engagement and improve the customer experience. 


Meet Kerryn Powell, Founder of Your Time Matters and Creator of YTM Business Networking

Hello , my name is Kerryn Powell, Founder of Your Time Matters and YTM Business Networking.

What I love and do best is start conversations, build connections, communities and networks, facilitate learning and create an environment where relationships flourish and people support each other in reaching their goals.

I know that Time is not a renewable resource. I know your time matters and it is conversations and  the relationships you build that are the key to your success.   Networking enriches your life, personally and professionally.

Increasingly the online world is impacting on our lives. Yet, face to face networking  and creating "know, like and trust" through relationships is an essential marketing tool for any business, and it needs to be done properly.   I know that many people find networking and talking about their business uncomfortable.

I am  dedicated to helping individuals, business professional, and organisations find the connections,  seek out the opportunities and solutions and build profitable relationships that they need  to achieve what matters to them…whatever that is!

I help boost confidence and support you in your networking pursuits. Networking is about having conversations, sharing experiences, challenging and endorsing ideas, learning new things, and creating exciting synergies and opportunities and providing support,  it’s not simply about giving and receiving referrals or making instant sales.

Networking is the art of building genuine connections with a wide range of people. It’s about crossing the boundaries of age, sex, industry, and experience and recognising that we all have something to contribute.

In 2013, I combined my teaching experience, ability to establish supportive communities and a love of running professional events and a fascination for learning the “why” that drives people to do what they do and created YTM Business Networking. Over the past 6+ years I have developed a unique, fun and effective structure that connects and engages like-minded people, through a variety of formats so that networking events don’t get stale or boring.

My  thought-provoking conversation starters help you explore and explain your business in ways that attract interest. Participants find that listening to others and answering questions about their own business helps them clarify and describe their value as they create meaningful connections with other business owners.


I look forward to helping you have better conversations and  finding  the connections you need to achieve your goals

Meet Leigh Powell, Business Strategist and Mentor

Hello, nice to "meet" you,

I am Leigh Powell and I joined Your Time Matters as  a Business Strategist and Mentor in 2016.

Having talked to a lot of small business owners and people in the corporate environment and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “Tell me what to do.” Most of them know what they want to achieve and they need help exploring the implications and thinking through the details. That’s why I call myself a ‘mentor’ or ‘advisor’, rather than a coach.

My job is to help you lean into what you know you should do, take responsibility for it, and turn it into a profitable strategy. How do I do this? Well, asking questions is the first step:- discovering where you are and where you want to be, learning about your networks, resources, budget, cashflow, constraints, and more…

From my perspective (after thousands of conversations with small business owners, corporate executives, and individuals over 35+ years) it’s a privilege to listen to people sharing their dreams, their drivers, and their demons and to find that lightbulb moment where they suddenly realise they have the solution.

I invite you to contact me to have a complimentary discussion to see if we are a good fit for each other


We can help you in a variety of ways, just as  we have helped B2B business professionals over the past four years with 

  • Over  60 events for more than  1200 attendees generating 10,000 likeminded conversations
  • Had over 60 business insight speakers on topics that make your business the best it can be- Generated real and substantial closed business and confident referrals between members
  • Our  unique networking structure to prompt purposeful and engaging conversations
  •  YTM “WHY” Awards for business owners to showcase their business to others 
  •  1:1 and group business strategy sessions
  • Expanded our reach and community




Community Support

It is “not what you know” but “who you know” !

YTM Business Networking  supports  the not-for -profit organisation, Fitted For Work

The old adage of “not what you know” but “who you know”  certainly applies to networking.  Many people are not fortunate to have a network or  know how to tap into a network when seeking employment. This is certainly the case for many of the women at Fitted for Work who often come from other countries, and need help to find work that matches their skills and qualifications.

Your Time Matters helps where possible to open up our network and connect Fitted For Work with opportunities that may help transform the lives of thewomen they assist. 

Fitted for Work provides free interview-appropriate clothing at their Personal Outfitting Service, as well as Interview Preparation, Mentoring, Transition to Work and Staying Employed Programs. Through mutual respect, compassion, integrity and trust, their dedicated staff and trained volunteers help women gain the self-esteem and confidence to achieve their goal of sustainable employment.

Leigh Powell is a Mentor for FFW, talk to him about the various ways you can assist them,  as the skill sets and needs of the women seeking employment are varied . (