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Kerryn Powell, Founder of Your Time Matters- “The Network Catalyst” 

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Hello, I’m Kerryn Powell

Known as "The Network Catalyst" and Founder of Your Time Matters. I understand the importance of having a supportive network.

I have recognised that the online world often impacts face to face communication with many people feeling “awkward”, lacking conversational skills, struggling to make connection, feeling isolated & unsupported & often stuck, not knowing who can assist them.

My years of experience in education, the travel industry, real estate & event management, and building networks has equipped me to support & guide you, making it easier for you to

• connect and build a trusted & diverse network through helping you create engaging and deeper conversations with new connections to explore possibilities

• grow your confidence by role playing situations and running through your challenges and finding solutions

• sharing my diverse experience & knowledge

• find the resources you need

• see connections and opportunities to collaborate with others, that you may have overlooked

• create pathways to achieve what matters to you, the individual or organisation.

Whether I’m hosting a business event, leading an in-depth workshop, mentoring 1:1 or delivering a keynote speech, my motivation is to tap into people’s energy, enthusiasm and expertise, and help them to feel comfortable and expand their thinking.

I know, supportive networks enrich our lives, personally and professionally and inturn the lives of others. Ultimately, I believe that the impact and relationships we create are the true signs of our success.

I am delighted when I see my clients speak more confidently about their value andimpact, develop the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and raise their profile through conversationsthat transform business and leverage your purpose & intent.

If you need help to take conversations from “awkward” to “awesome”, develop a strategy to help you find new leads, need a speaker or facilitator for your next event, conference or workshop or someone to open lines of communication within your organisation let’s make a time to talk.

Let me introduce you to Leigh Powell, my husband of 36 years. We were introduced through our mutual network and the rest they say is history!

Meet Leigh Powell, Business Strategist and Mentor


I am Leigh Powell and I joined Your Time Matters as  a Business Strategist and Mentor in 2016.

Having talked to a lot of small business owners and people in the corporate environment, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “Tell me what to do.” Most of them know what they want to achieve and they need help exploring the implications and thinking through the details. That’s why I call myself a mentor rather than a coach.

My role is to help you lean into what you know you should do, take responsibility for it, and turn it into a profitable strategy. How do I do this? Well, asking questions is the first step: discovering where you are and where you want to be, learning about your networks, resources, budget, cashflow, constraints, and more…

From my perspective (after thousands of conversations with professionals, small business owners and corporate executives) it’s my privilege to work with people as they share their dreams, their drivers and their demons to find that light bulb moment where they suddenly realise they have the solution.

I invite you to contact me to have a complimentary discussion to see if we are a good fit for each other

Since 2013, we have  

  • Held over 100 events generating 10,000 likeminded conversations connecting more than 2500 B2B business professionals, men and women

  • Had over 85 business insight speakers on topics that make your business the best it can be- Generated real and substantial closed business and confident referrals between members

  • Prompted purposeful and engaging conversations through our unique networking structure

  • Facilitated and hosted events for others to unite groups

  • Presented the YTM “WHY” Awards for business owners to showcase their business to others

  • Run 1:1 and group business strategy sessions

  • Expanded our reach and community