7 Tips To Turn Your Conversations Into Business

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To generate leads and open up opportunities you really do need to be having better and deeper converations, not only with prospects but also yourself.

  • Start by having a conversation with yourself, about the value you bring to your client and the impact you have. Anyone in your industry can manage a transaction, but you are unique and the way you solve a problem is unique to you. You want your clients to understand this value and why they should choose you. This is one of the important starting points that we look closely at in our workshop “Turn Your Conversations Into Business”

  • Once you understand your value and why you…. you must get out from behind your screen, and meet face to face. It is faster than any other method to build know, like and trust. Put away your phone and go and talk to others. It may be as simple as checking out who you are sitting or standing next too at a business event, at the coffee shop or even at your child’s sporting event start a conversation, you never know where that can lead and the next best opportunity could be right under your nose.

  • A handy app to use if you are at an event or Conference, to see who is in the room is the LinkedIn App on your Mobile, where you can turn on the Find Near Me button.  Of course, others have to also switched on the app , but it is a great way to see who is attending and you can then message them and connect, or even make a meeting point for when you have a break.

  • If you are tired of attending events where you feel like you have wasted your time, then you are either attending the wrong event or having the wrong conversations. Networking is a life skill and as you are investing your time, you should be benefiting from making connections that enrich, energise and transform you, both personally and professionally.

  • Maybe you are using a co-working space, or work in a team.  Make an effort to smile and say hello and get to know others in your surrounds. Learn their names and use them.  Everyone loves to be greeted and these relationships, can be a window to experiences and knowledge that you may be lacking.

  • If you work in an organisation, put in the effort to attend staff events.  Your internal network is a valuable resource and the insights tothers can share add value to you in improving customer experience, relationships and conversations. It shows you care, understand and want to help.

  • Conversations with new connections can be awkard, but with practice, you can improve, listen more, and be able to dig deeper so that you can make a difference to your client and they will think of you as awesome!


If you would like some help in developing your networking skills, build a strategy, role play conversations to boost your confidence, or know that your team needs a workshop to have these better conversations than please contact us HERE

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