Maximise LinkedIn and Find your Voice

As we move further into 2017,  Your Time Matters continues to  help business owners and professionals gain the knowledge and connections they need to move their business forward. 

Through my diverse experience and understanding of what it is like to be a Small Business Owner,   I  know the importance of education, connection and communication.

Over the past three and a half  years, I have been running events and connecting business owners and professionals and providing opportunities for them to learn, grow and achieve.

So far this year we have provided insights on tax essentials, the need for resilience, use of video and direct marketing, overcoming fear of the telephone and more.   I will continue to provide a range of events and seminars /workshops that help you to grow by learning from experts and specialists and make sure you benefit from having authentic and effective conversations to extend  your network, boost your confidence, open up opportunities and help you  and share knowledge and experience.

I am delighted that Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke will share her knowledge at our Brighton event on 29th  August  and you will have the opportunity to reflect on your current strategies and improve your approach. You do not need to be a YTM Member to attend this event.

I want you to be able to maximise  LinkedIn and  stay up to date with how to leverage the recent changes on LinkedIn. So  Karen Hollenbach, Founder of Think Bespoke, one of Australia's leading independent LinkedIn consultants, will be the guest speaker. Karen will share her practical and helpful insights on the essentials of how to maximise these changes and use LinkedIn to grow your business.

Karen and I have been working together over several years. Here are some insights she has shared with me previously-  

 What 3 tips can you share in regard to networking on line?

 Networking online is a key tool I use to attract, acquire and engage my business community. While it does not replace face to face networking, your time engaging with others online can be powerful if you have a plan! When networking online, I suggest you spend time where your clients are. If you are a B2B Service Provider, LinkedIn is an essential business networking platform for you. It may also be a useful platform that retail and product based business owners can use for the purpose of research (both for yourself and for potential clients researching you), beyond social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


1.     Be active on LinkedIn

It is more than likely that your LinkedIn profile is one of the first places potential clients will research you when someone has referred you or mentioned your services or products. Leverage this opportunity by ensuring your LinkedIn profile presents the best version of your unique skills, background and experience and that you are regularly posting value adding content for your ideal clients and referrers. Be connected with everyone you know or have worked with as this means when people check out your profile, they can find mutual connections. Remember – connections on LinkedIn are not necessarily friends like Facebook and being a connection does not mean you endorse them.


2.           Choose a hero platform

If you are not clear about why you are spending time online for your business, then it can be a black hole where you can lose hours without achieving much. Your time as a business owner is precious, so spend time on the platforms where your ideal clients are. This will ensure you can focus on networking with the right people (both ideal clients and referring colleagues and clients) and make your time online work for you by being more focused and productive.


3.           Adopt a Professional Code of Conduct Online

The more collaborative and collegiate you can be online, the better. No one really likes to be sold to, and being connected with someone online (either as a LinkedIn connection or Facebook friend), does not give you permission to sell to them! You must always remember to use your manners, and acknowledge any comments people make and thank them if they give you a compliment. If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone online, it’s better left unsaid! If you experience bad behaviour, like people spamming you via email or via LinkedIn or Facebook messaging, you can choose to ignore this, block or hide these connections or remove the connection.


How has LinkedIn helped you personally in business?

Many of my business referrals come from my connections on LinkedIn. My goal on LinkedIn for a number of years now is to be known as the ‘LinkedIn Lady’. This means that if anyone I am connected with hears a colleague ask about LinkedIn, they are more than likely to say ‘ you should speak to Karen Hollenbach’.  I nurture my LinkedIn connections by being active on LinkedIn, sharing valuable content.

LinkedIn has helped me find my voice and refine my pitch as a business owner. I have taken the time to consider my purpose when on this platform and use it as my number one tool to attract, acquire and engage clients for Think Bespoke’s services.  People can clearly understand how I help their business, as my profile is regularly updated and I leverage the main features available (e.g. including links, projects, skill endorsements, recommendations, etc).  I also regularly provide my business community on LinkedIn with useful content via LinkedIn Pulse articles (published via my LinkedIn profile), Think Bespoke’s Company PageLinkedIn Career Services Page and our Profile Help & Hints group to ensure I am adding value and staying top of mind.


Why is LinkedIn a good social platform?

 LinkedIn is a good social platform for business because 4 out of 5 Australians are on LinkedIn and are on this platform for business. LinkedIn is sometimes labeled as a social media platform, however it is in fact the biggest professional networking platform in the world, with –

·   Over 300M members (LinkedIn Profiles) globally

·   Over 4M Company pages

·   Over 1M professionals publishing on LinkedIn Pulse.

·   Over 2M Groups


LinkedIn is an especially important networking platform for B2B service providers as it has higher sales conversion than social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This means you can spend less time on this platform than social media and potentially get greater results!


There are a variety of ways to influence your business community on LinkedIn which can be as simple as spending 5-10 minutes each day on the platform engaging with colleagues who you wish to influence and help. By being active you stay top of mind for future referrals and collaboration opportunities.


How long have you been assisting businesses and professionals with LinkedIn?


I have been active on LinkedIn since 2009 and attribute the growth of Think Bespoke to the way I have written my profile and leveraged the features available to LinkedIn members.  This includes posting on LinkedIn Pulse, Company Pages and Groups. I have shared these insights with my clients via Think Bespoke’s services since 2011.


Join us in August to increase your knowledge, help you  grow your network and achieve your desired goals.....