What are the benefits of Networking?


By building networks,  you connect with others. You establish ways to find the support you need when you invest in fostering relationships with those you know, like and trust.

The benefits of a diverse network  means we enrich our  lives, expand our horizons and understanding of the world and those in it, personally and professionally.

Through networking we can also make significant contributions and help others.  We can provide knowledge or experience that we have or can access, we can add value.  It is that internal feeling of satisfaction you gain from helping others that can be  so fulfilling. 

Networking provides opportunity for our needs of love and connection to be met.  We can help  others  to feel supported and less alone. 

 Clarity and focus will help us recognise the networks we can access, build and refer to.


 To make the most of our precious time, we  need to understand that there are at a minimum four  different types of relationships we build through networking: operationalpersonal, referral and strategic.   All  of these can play a part in helping achieve goals, however, depending on your stage of life or role, they may not all apply to you.  I mention  them, though because your friends and family also operate in these networks and it important to understand that we inevitably operate in more than one network. Which networks are you already engaging in or are seeking?

·         Operational networks -help manage teams and relationships within a business. It is important to recognise that everyone within an organisation has experience and knowledge to share and has a voice. Focussing on managing and leveraging the silos or department in an organisation can build better team engagement and improve the customer experience.

·         Personal networks- built often through friends, family, common interest groups in the community, help us to find knowledge, experience and connections we need . They often are the networks we rely on in our leisure time and enjoy the engagement in the simple pleasures of life or connect us through our children , social dinners with friends, walks on the beach, attending sporting events,  cycling, gym , prompted by  lifestyle activities .

·         Referral networks- focussed on a closed loop of professionals from non-competing industries who seek out transactions and gain leads. Of course we all benefit from referral networks, both as suppliers, clients, referrers and friends. However, I believe if we only focus on referral networking, we are missing out on the rich resources available to us to transform and enrich our lives through deeper relationships.

·         Strategic networks- focus on our business direction and the stakeholders we need to pursue. Many people under-utilise strategic networking. A strategic network is based on relationships that help to plan for the future of your career and business. There is opportunity to sell ideas and gain the information and resources necessary to grow. It requires both time and attention outside routine, operational demands and investment to access foresight on important trends in industry and help build your reputation and profile.

I’m very clear about my focus for the networking available at YTM which is to bring like-minded people together so that they may learn from the collective.  Engaging with others with diverse personalities, perspectives, knowledge, and experience , can help unearth so much  wisdom and learning  We  expose ourselves to  new  ways of solving problems, information, innovative ideas, the chance to   receive and give  support,  and guidance which in turn we benefit from the opportunity  to  extend ourselves, reach our full potential, and achieve our goals.

Our events increase your ability to have the right conversations with the right people, develop your knowledge, improve your networking skills, increase your connections and boost  your confidence whilst you enrich your life, personally and professionally.  

As business owners ourselves, we know that time is a scarce and non-renewable resource. That’s why we’ve designed a different type of  event that delivers maximum value in minimum time with personal as well as professional rewards.

In a warm, friendly and supportive environment you’ll benefit from a combination of open networking, strategic introductions and an expert speaker with ideas and practical tips on a relevant business issue.


Connect With Confidence

Our events aren’t just about shaking hands and exchanging business cards. We find out about you and your networking goals so that from the moment you arrive you’ll be confident that we have your best interests at heart. You will be be welcomed and introduced to relevant and related people. Our unique conversation cards help to explore and explain your business and listen to other business owners do the same. You’ll find that asking and answering questions helps to generate thought-provoking conversations that feel natural from the start and will continue after the event.

Learn Grow Achieve

We believe that spending time with experts plays a key part in driving your business growth. Our Learn Grow Achieve events introduce you to our community of dynamic, engaging speakers with expertise in a range of fields, including marketing, technology, productivity, customer service and business planning.

We’ll place you strategically in small groups with a balance of industries, experience and networking goals, providing the best opportunity for connecting with like-minded people and having focused, valuable discussions.

These unique events are like a Mastermind group, without the ongoing commitment and investment.

They expose you to new ideas and opportunities and the group discussions will open up new ways of looking at old problems.

Collaborate & Connect

These events include interactive seminars and workshops targeting a range of business issues. Led by our YTM team and/or specialists from within our network, each session will include practical exercises and opportunities to work alongside others to develop strategies and new approaches.

Networking Conversation Over Dinner

In many cultures, sharing a meal is one of the most traditional and important customs. Our progressive dinners are based on this act of hospitality because we believe that building relationships is fundamental to effective networking.

We’ve created a loyal and friendly community that makes even the shyest person feel welcome. By joining us at the table you’ll have the opportunity to have relaxed but meaningful conversations and listen to a guest speaker or panel discussion while enjoying a fine, two-course meal.

Held only a few times a year, this is an event you must put in your calendar!

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