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Networking With a Twist - DOCKLANDS

  • Knowledge Market 892 Bourke Street (near Tom Thumb Lane) DOCKLANDS Vic (map)

Why Do You Go To Networking Events?

  • Do you go to buy products and services from other business owners? - NO!

  • Do you go to sell your products and services to other business owners? - NO!


Your Time Matters SO…

“Networking With a Twist” Helps You Get Maximum Mileage Out Of Your

Business Networking Investment



    Networking is about building relationships, establishing valuable connections, and gaining knowledge so that you can create opportunities. It’s about starting conversations that you can continue outside the event and building trust. Networking events can and do lead to more business opportunities, partnerships, and sales, but that is not their primary purpose.

    "The networking was brilliant- not only the idea but the tips and how to approach it with no ‘sales pitch’ or ‘elevator pitch’ was very refreshing”.

    M.Dulberg, WebbyWeb Designs, 2016


    Why “Networking with a Twist”?

    Because we’re different.

    Have you ever gone a networking event and been:-

    • Monopolised by someone who was trying to make a sale?

    • Interrupted every time you found someone worth listening to by the ‘agenda’?

    • Inundated with business cards… most of them meaningless and irrelevant?

    • Frustrated because you didn’t get to talk to anyone relevant?

    • Awkward and embarrassed because you didn’t know anyone and didn’t want to interrupt?


    We have… and we hate it! As business owners ourselves, we know time is a scarce and non-renewable resource. Yet networks are critical if we are to gain access to the people, services, products, and ideas we need. That’s why we designed a different type of networking event that delivers maximum value in minimum time and makes sure you aren’t standing on your own.


    Your Time Matters “Networking With A Twist” Events are designed to:

    • Create relevant meaningful conversations that lead to opportunities

    • Deliberately match you with like-minded business owners that can help you achieve your networking goals

    • Ensure you gain maximum value from the time and money you invest in networking



    “Wonderful. Met relevant business contacts. Following up with at least three. I have attended networking groups for years…yours was the first group to give real contacts and with you knowing and making introductions was great”.

    F. Pappa, August, 2016


    What Happens at a “Networking With A Twist” Event?

    • 2 1/2 hours of open networking and matched conversations giving you plenty of time to talk and listen to others

    • 2 x tables of 6-8 strategically matched, like-minded business owners to have timed discussions with (so no one monopolises the conversation)

    • YTM’s UNIQUE Conversation Starter cards to create meaningful discussions (great for improving conversation skills)

    • You learn more about yourself and your business as well as about others’

    • An informative and relevant speaker to provide ideas and guidance for your business


    When you register, we’ll ask about your networking goals:-

    • People you’d like to meet

    • Partnerships you are looking for

    • Services or products you need

    • Complementary businesses etc

    This information enables us to introduce you to like-minded people when you arrive, and place you strategically at tables that give you the greatest opportunity to make connections with the people you are looking for.


    Your Time Matters’ events are about connecting, engaging, building relationships and seeking opportunities to grow yourself and your business… Not selling!”


    Bookings are Essential and Close 24 Hours Prior to Event!

    Why? - Because we take time to strategically match you with other guests at tables, and line up suitable introductions for when you arrive.




    In addition to ample opportunity for conversation during open networking and table conversations, this month our valuable insight is:

    Speaker:-  Kerryn Powell 

    Topic: How to Network Effectively and Maximise your investment

    Come away knowing :-

    • How to develop your networking strategy
    • Tips for following up effectively
    • How to Identify your untapped networks
    • Be shown some Conversation starters that will help establish relationships in no time at all 


    Our speaker-

    YTM by timson-co-WEB-3.jpg

    Kerryn Powell, founder of Your Time Matters is just one person, like you, but behind her is a diverse network extending across her career in the travel industry, education, market co ordination, working for a corporate relocation company, and in real estate prior to founding Your Time Matters in 2010.

    Kerryn knows and recognises the importance of having a strong network and the right, effective conversations with trusted advisors that will help you grow your business profitability and achieve the outcomes you are after.



    Your Time Matters is dedicated to helping individuals, business owners, and corporations develop the networking skills and business knowledge they need to accelerate their growth and achieve their goals, making businesses bigger and better.




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