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Learn Grow Achieve- BRIGHTON- Insight - "Funnel & Flow"

  • The Deck Brighton 212 Bay Street Brighton, VIC, 3186 Australia (map)

Learn! Grow! Achieve!

Unique networking events that combine networking with learning and discussion

“They say that when people stop learning, they stop living. I’d certainly agree with that. And I’d definitely say that the business owner who stops deliberately seeking out new ideas and opportunities to discuss them is probably presiding over a struggling or dying business.” Leigh Powell, Your Time Matters
Since we’re passionate about business growth, we are strong believers in the importance of exposing ourselves and our community to experts in various aspects of business and giving them opportunities to learn from them and discuss the ideas they present in small groups.

At Learn! Grow! Achieve! events small group discussion focuses on the knowledge and information shared by our speaker. Attendees have a chance to ask questions, raise issues and discuss challenges related to the topic in a small group of like-minded business people from many different industries and levels of experience.

These unique events are like a Mastermind Group without the ongoing commitment and investment. They expose you to new ideas and opportunities and the group discussions will open up new ways of looking at old problems.


“Fantastic night. Great bunch of people and a bit of fun, too. One of the most valuable networking events I’ve attended.”
Stephen Read, Stephen Read Landscape Design, May, 2014


How Are Learn! Grow! Achieve! Events Structured?

The topics and speakers are carefully selected. Our goal is to progressively cover a broad range of topics that are relevant to the current business environment. We choose dynamic, engaging speakers who are experts in the fields of business growth, administration, marketing, technology, customer service, productivity, and more.


The event includes:-

•   Open networking and introduction to people of interest to you

•   Expert speaker presentation and question time

•   Small group discussions in pre-selected groups to ensure a balance of experience and facilitate focused, valuable discussion


You can expect to leave having made valuable connections, deepened relationships with people you already know, and with some ideas to follow-up and implement in your business.


Your time is a scarce and non-renewable resource. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to learn and grow so that you can achieve your business goals faster. Effective professional networks are a critical part of this process and the Learn! Grow! Achieve! Events are a great opportunity to gain knowledge and build your network.


“Wonderful. Met relevant business contacts. Following up with at least three. I have attended networking groups for years…yours was the first group to give real contacts and with you knowing and making introductions was great”.
F. Pappa, August, 2016


When you register, we’ll ask about your networking goals:-

•   People you’d like to meet

•   Partnerships you are looking for

•   Services or products you need

•   Complementary businesses etc

This information enables us to introduce you to like-minded people when you arrive, and place you strategically in groups that will give you the greatest opportunity to make connections with the people who can help you during discussions. Our goal is to create group with a synergistic mix of industries and experience to enhance the value you gain from the event.


Your Time Matters’ events are about connecting, engaging, building relationships and seeking opportunities to grow yourself and your business… Not selling!”


Bookings are Essential and Close 24 Hours Prior to Event!

Why? - Because we take time to strategically match you with other guests for discussion groups and line up suitable introductions for when you arrive.


This month our topic for discussion and featured speaker is :

 Guest Speaker: Tamarind Begley, National Marketing Manager, SAI Global 

Topic: "Funnel and Flow"

This interactive session will cover the concept of how to drive leads through the funnel to deliver the right content at the right time to convert the lead into a customer.

  • What is a sales funnel?
  • What you need to develop for your funnel?
  • How do you set up the flow? Why bother?
  • Point to consider top five things to consider

Speaker Bio:

Tamarind Begley is passionate about Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation Platforms and has over 5 years of experience working with tools like Pardot, Exact Target and Zoho Campaigns. She has been a Marketing Manager for over 10 years in a range of industries.

Tamarind Begley

Tamarind Begley




She will share with her experience demonstrating the importance of  responsible design and implementation in an overall Marketing Strategy, whether you are working for a large corporate in Australia or a smaller organisation. and manages a team of Marketing Campaign and Communication Managers.

Working constantly with Marketing Automation Platforms , her expertise is knowing the right content to deliver at the right time  to ensure a businesses money is well spent and that leads are driven through the funnel and converted into customers with the least amount of effort.



Topic: "Funnel and Flow"

Benefits of attending this session, aside from the connrctions you will make 

•   You will be gain understanding on how to develop a sales funnel for your business

•   You will be shown how to set up a flow

•   Be provided with insights on the Top 5 things to consider


This will also be the topic of conversation in your discussion group. You are welcome to bring any questions or challenges you have in this area along and raise them in your group, although, as always, our goal is to make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate in the conversation.




What People Say About YTM Learn! Grow! Achieve! Events:-



“I joined YTM networking three years ago with the goal of meeting liked minded business people, connect and network and by so doing grow my business. Like any networking activity, it takes time and effort before you can see results.  Well, time and effort paid off as I have made numerous connections through the YTM networking events, established solid relationships and received a number of quality referrals which translated to closed business and further assist in the development and maintenance of the relationship.  YTM events have my full endorsement.”
Ronen Atzmon, Atzmon & Co, Solicitors, May, 2014
"YTM events always run like clockwork. I have found them to be extremely beneficial… I have made some amazing connections not only with people who have booked in for my organising services, but also with some fantastic and professional people to affiliate my business with. I’ve even made some good friends. Highly recommended!”Sue Glasser - PaperClip Professional Oganisers



“Fantastic night. Great bunch of people and a bit of fun, too. One of the most valuable networking events I’ve attended.”
Stephen Read, Stephen Read Landscape Design, May, 2014



This interactive session will encourage you look at your business and discuss and share with others, how the knowledge shared by our presenter can be applied to your business.