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Learn Grow Achieve- Q & A Panel- " How to Protect Your Business Asset"


You work hard day in year out. Is your business safe? Wouldn’t you want to protect your asset ?

Learn from the insights of our panel and benefit in group discussions with likeminded business owners who have experience and knowledge to share. Have your questions answered and leave knowing what you need to review and action immediately, to protect your business , yourself and family.

Our Panel comprises specialists in their fields, hear and learn from -

  • Ronen Atzmon, Atzmon & Co Solicitors ( commercial law)

    There are key fundamentals your business must have

    Business people at times are so enthusiastic to open their doors and start trading that they omit to consider some fundamentals which are equally important.  Such as

    • What is the best structure for my business? 

    • What terms of supply or contractual terms do I trade under?

    • How do we resolve disputes?  What governs my relationship with my partners, suppliers and customers? 

    • What is my intellectual property? 

    • Can I store customer’s credit card details? Licensing and more.

  • Lisa Stoneham, Straight-Forward Accounting Solutions -

    It is critical that you protect your business from a financial management point of view.  Gain a  better understanding of  the importance of cash flow to your business

    Key takeaways will include:

    • Cash is not only king but also the entire royal family

    • Difference between cash and profit

    • What drives cash flow in your business

    • Tips to ensure you hold onto your cash so you don't go broke

  • John Braakhuis, Excelero IT (IT support)

    Criminals are now targeting small business via Cyber space to extort money and conduct fraud. Hear from John and ask questions so you learn how to stay protected through:

    • Email security

    • Security software

    • Windows protection

    • How to spot fake emails

    • Cyber Insurance.

  • Robert Grigg - Smarter Cashflow Solutions

Have you considered what financial resources you need in place for the unexpected occurences. What will happen to your business when you’re not there to manage it.? It is essential to think ahead to keep your business running.

Robert will highlight things you need to consider, including-

  • Repayment of debt, buyout of a partner or liquidity

  • Business will

  • Sufficient financial resources in place and/or timing to have sufficient funding available to complete whatever is to happen with your business.

Can you afford not to attend YTM on 28th May? There is often so much we do not know until it is too late. Have your questions answered. Learn from others. Use this session to secure your business asset and make a plan for what you need to do next to protect your business asset.

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