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VIRTUAL EVENT - Networking with a Twist - Connect with Confidence

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Are you bored with business networking events that provide little else than shaking hands and exchanging business cards?

You know that there has to be a better way!

If you were to plan and prepare better, you would find that networking can connect you with opportunities through deeper conversations as you make connections learn from the knowledge and experience of others.

Networking  is a critical tool for your business. But sometimes, you may be too far from the events you would like to attend, or the time of day may not suit, or perhaps you would just rather stay home and have the people come to you?  By learning to have better and deeper  conversations, no matter where you are, you can  make the most of the connections you already have to move your business forward.



Join Kerryn Powell, Founder of YTM Networking with a Twist for a 1 hour online business networking event via ZOOM.  Ask Kerryn those  networking questions that stump you and learn from her experience.  She knows that  Networking face to face can be daunting, but by knowing how to plan, prepare and follow up you will find that networking face to face, wherever you are can be both profitable and enriching.

In this session, you will

·         Learn important networking tips to help grow your business and your confidence

·         Answer  questions  that help you not only share your expertise, but gain clarity on why you are in business and how you can help others

·         Make connections and enjoy the conversation and connection

·         Ask questions of the group to extend your thinking and explore ideas.

Kerryn has helped hundreds and hundreds of business owners and professionals over the past eight years to find the suppliers, referrers, clients and friends that they need to move their business forward.  

No matter where you are on your networking journey, learning to listen to others and also clearly articulate your value, are important skills to develop and extend.

This Inaugural event is limited to a group of 10 so you can get the most from the time you are investing... INTRODUCTORY COST-   $45.00 pp

You will receive link to the Virtual Networking event via email. 


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