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YTM Mid-year - Progressive Dinner- "Conversational Intelligence"-

  • The Deck 212 Bay Street Brighton, VIC, 3186 Australia (map)
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Progressive Dinner  Events - help you to create business relationships over dinner

BONUS INSIGHT - “Conversational Intelligence” is  more than just what you say”


Sharing a meal together. Extending hospitality… In many cultures, these are expressions of trust and a commitment to amnesty and good faith. For most of us, meals are times for conversation and relationship building. So, our progressive dinners build on these characteristics because they express our belief that networking is about building relationships, not about sales.


  • An opportunity to eat and enjoy relaxed, meaningful conversation with matched business people.

  • Introductions to other guests with whom you have common interests.
  • Structured conversations using special YTM Conversation Card decks that help you to give and receive value.
  • Opportunities for casual conversation with like-minded people.
  • Enjoyable, yet efficient networking opportunities and excellent speakers.


BONUS INSIGHT - “Conversational Intelligence” is  more than just what you say”

Research shows that 9/10 conversations miss the mark!

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) can help us to understand why this is so and what we can do to improve these odds. It is the next level of intelligence after IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

While EQ is all about learning and growing the self, C-IQ is about co-regulation (with others), intentionally using conversation to regulate both yourself and others as you work together.


What you will learn:

1.      How words create worlds

2.      An understanding of the effects of neurochemistry on our brains

3.      A strategy to achieve a greater level of partnership by connecting at a deeper level.

4.      How we can apply this knowledge to networking.


"Getting to the next level of greatness depends on quality of culture, which depends on quality of relationships, which depends on quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations.” - Judith Glaser

Jacqui Snider, YTM Speaker 31 July 2018


SPEAKER- JACQUI SNIDER Workplace Culture Coach and Trainer, 

Jacqui is an experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist, ICF Accredited Coach and certified Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) and Workplace Culture Coach. With her extensive experience in dealing with the struggles of the “human condition”, Jacqui brings a unique perspective to her programs that facilitate leaders and teams to make sustained, significant shifts that come from within.

Meet the YTM Team

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Leigh Powell, Business Strategist and Mentor, will help tease out some of the issues and ideas you have around your business in a likeminded group of business owners who offer up and share thoughts on your Proposition, how to find target markets, the collateral and evidence you have to demonstrate you can solve a client’s problem and more.

Kerryn Powell, known as "The Connector" and a network strategist, helps individuals, business professionals and organisations build real networks. Her ability to seek out solutions for any problem has developed through her career portfolio where she has also built a diverse network. Kerryn has also solved awkward networking conversations by creating the YTM unique conversation-starters which lead to participants sharing experiences, challenging and endorsing ideas, learning new things and creating exciting new synergies and opportunities as they boost their confidence and business.


What Happens at a “Progressive Dinner” Event? 

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  • 3 hours of strategic conversations that give you plenty of time to talk and listen to others + a delicious 2-course meal + informative speakers.
  • Open networking with your hosts, primed to make helpful introductions and ensure you aren’t standing by yourself.
  • 2 x tables of 6-8 strategically matched, like-minded business owners (you change tables after the main course).
  • YTM’s unique Conversation Starter cards to create meaningful timed discussions (everyone gets a chance to participate).
  • Relaxed, yet structured format.
  • An informative and relevant speaker or panel to answer questions and provide ideas for your business.

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