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3 hour Workshop- "Turn Your Conversations into Business"

Kerryn Powell Conversation Starter Workshop

Do you avoid networking and meeting new people because you are unsure how to get a conversation started?

You are missing out on oportunities when you are unsure where your target market is and how to set yourself apart from the competition. Your target market is not always in front of you at a business evcnt. You need to learn to talk to one, to reach many.

Business owners and professional need to network to understand why clients will choose them and how to seek out opportunities for collaborations, joint ventures, generate leads, and form relationships with suppliers, referrers, clients and friends. The key is better conversations.

You are leaving money on the table and missing out if you do not make some changes.

This three hour workshop will provide you with

  • ideas and practical tips on how to determine the best places for you (personally) to have conversations to grow your business and connections

  • boost your confidence as you become more proficient in asking better questions and developing a conversation that will expand your opportunities

  • networking opportunities

  • morning tea

  • strategies to make your networking experience more comfortable in new situations helping you feel more in control, personally and professionally and motivated to step out of your comfort zone knowing you are better equipped

What past past participants say-

"I took away a lot. I learnt how to ask better questions to get to know people better. I know I will be looking over my notes over again to help me at networking events" - F. Wilkinson , Fiona's Pet Services

"I found the workshop really beneficial in helping me with expanding my networks and improving my conversational skills. It was especially useful to sit together to try out the cards and talk about how you might further expand on the conversation from there on."- H.Lammin, JDA Architects

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Our facilitator- Kerryn Powell

Kerryn is dedicated to helping individuals, business owners, and corporations develop the networking skills and business knowledge they need to accelerate their growth and achieve their goals, making businesses bigger and better.

Kerryn founded YTM business events in 2013 and over the past 5 years had helped hundreds of men and women get more out of their networking experience and even enjoy themselves by having real, authentic and deeper conversations!

During this workshop you will benefit from using the unique conversation cards that Kerryn designed which help you to explore, and explain your business, and listen to other business owners do the same. You’ll find that asking and answering questions helps to generate thought-provoking conversations that feel natural from the start, and will continue after the event.

Dedicated to helping individuals, business owners, and corporations make businesses bigger and better they need to feel more confident in talking about their business.

What's included?

  • Morning tea

  • Workbook

  • Conversation Starter pack

Stay on for the afternoon and enjoy some co working  at no extra charge. 

“Your networking conversations need to be about connecting, engaging, building relationships and seeking and creating opportunities to grow yourself and your business and … Not selling!”




Terms and Conditions Apply. See website.

What some of our past participants say:

 I have found YTM events to be extremely beneficial.

I have made some amazing connections, not only for people who have booked me in for my organising services, but also for meeting some fantastic and professional people to affiliate my business with, and have even made some good friends. Highly recommend!" Sue Glasser - Paperclip Professional Organisers

Great bunch of people, and a bit of fun too” Stephen Read, Stephen Read Landscape Design

“I enjoyed my interaction and participation in these activities, as they were always very well run and organised., Ronen Atzmon, Atzmon & co, Solicitors


A note from Kerryn Powell

"Having attended numerous networking events, I know that many people can be uncomfortable. I was too in the beginning but I know it is possible , with practice and a few strategies to help both men and women ihave better conversations and feel more confident when they step out of their comfort zone to grow their business opportunities.

It does not matter if you are new to networking, or need to refresh your skills and approach, this workshop will help you have better understanding of the value you offer and how to connect with confidence.

We also run monthly events throughout the year in the evening, we look forward to connecting more business owners and helping them find the opportunities that will assist them to achieve their desired outcomes. Our events are not only insightful but fun! Check them out

I look forward to meeting you, remember to come prepared with lots of business cards!

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions

Kerryn Powell
0414 856 616

PS YTM supports the not-for-profit organisation, Fitted For Work, and the START Foundation. Ask me more about them when we next meet!


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