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Are you looking to expand your professional network in a stress-free, meaningful and fun way? 

You are invited to join us at the YTM April Progressive Dinner …a relaxed, yet structured form of business networking that recognises that your time matters!

WHERE: The Deck, 212 Bay St, Brighton

WHEN: Tuesday 30 April 2019, 5.30 to 9.00pm

DRESS CODE: Jacket for men, cocktail for women

Three and a half hours of conversation, fun and learning …our facilitated and unique approach will help transform your thinking and approach to business networking.


How does it work?

Drawing on some key information you provide on registration, we strategically place you on a table of 6-8 people to find synergies for future opportunities for your business.

Over two delicious courses you will engage in informal and more structured business conversations and share why your clients choose you.

A feature of the April Progressive Dinner will be our annual YTM Award.  This fun competition sees 7 competitors delivering a five-minute pre-prepared pitch to the room around ‘why choose me’. Come and be inspired and entertained by other business owners and register your vote .

It is a different type of networking event focussed on making connections and building authentic relationships that will help you and your business grow and flourish.

If you are seeking a friendly community that makes even the shyest person feel welcome, and provides an UNIQUE way to build your network, you will enjoy YTM!

Our Speakers-

  • Tim Smith, Tim’s Network - (Foreign Exchange)

  • Natalie Van Wetering, Lifes Not Black and white (Marketing & Communications)

  • Harriet Lammin- JDA Architects

  • Saulo Bilboa Canny - Canny Electrics (Electrical Contactors)

  • Sarah Bruce- Drive Skills 4 Life (Driver Education)

  • Priscilla Pettengell- Business Writing Done Right

  • Andrew Mellody- Co Ground (Social Enterprise)


All our speakers have very different stories to share. Hear how they use story to share WHY CHOOSE ME… use their example, to craft your own. Criteria for judging panel will be based on

  • Set the scene and outcome Early

  • Give Some Context

  • Resolve the Situation

  • How were you able to make a difference

  • Share the Results

  • And of course presentation style - pace, tone, volume, stance etc….

Bookings are essential and close 7 DAYS prior to event!

DRESS CODE: Jackets for Men…Cocktail for Women!