As networks grow at a rapid rate both online and offline; supporting your teams and members to create strong internal networks in your business, association or group can build positive experiences, mutually beneficial collaborations and help create true connection that impact on your organisation, and benefit everyone by giving them a voice and an opportunity to contribute

At YTM, we work with a range of business’, associations and groups to bring your people together to not only build solid relationships but also to open the lines of communication through networking and connecting in person through our customised and high touch workshops – called Silo Breakers. The clients we work with have experienced the value of connection and the building of better internal networks within their organisation. 

Silos (or divisions that do not communicate effectively and openly ) exist in

  • large corporations
  • small businesses
  • and, industry associations.

They even exist in families, churches, schools, churches and communities.  Through the right,  productive conversations you can unite your group,  and  influence the growth of your organisation and even the customer experience.


We can structure an event or program for your group that stimulates interaction and encourages collaboration by carefully looking for synergies and opportunities to connect and engage your participants in meaningful conversations. 

Associations and Groups

By recognising the diversity of experience and knowledge within your association or group, we help to establish a firm foundation that will build opportunities to extend and nurture relationships.  By creating  an environment  that encourages interaction, discussion, shares expertise and knowledge,   your group  will benefit from

  • better communication and stronger connection
  • increased contribution and commitment
  • focus on common goals and achieve maximum potential.

Corporates Business

In business, departments often compete for budget, influence, and other resources rather than keeping in mind the over-arching purpose of the organisation and at times geographical locations can cause rifts between teams. These Silos eventually can create wide-spread inefficiencies and duplication of resources having a huge negative impact on the business.  

Some fantastic feedback and so highly rated across all levels which is terrific to see. The feeling in the room this morning was one of a united team who are willing to roll their sleeves up and help each other. I was surprised that so many came right out of their shell and how comfortable they felt. Thank you for all of your efforts around these sessions, the value to the participants was evident in their participation
— Michelle McDonald | Regional Manager | Bayside Melbourne , Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited

Are you ready to break  the "Silos" which may be limiting your organisations ability to grow, innovate and collaborate?

"Silo Breakers"  can be tailored to meet your specific objectives
Here are some examples: 


"Collaborate and Connect" 

A 1-1.5 hour meeting designed to be run at breakfast,  lunch time,   or after work meeting to enabling  staff to connect in a meaningful way with people outside their immediate work group. You’d be surprised how often this leads to greater efficiencies and new opportunities and it’s far more effective than a standard “Meet & Greet” where people inevitably talk to those they already know.


"Bridge Builders"

Invest 2.5-3 hours connecting different teams  in a purposeful way that helps them to see the benefits of creating connections. As they engage with each other, share ideas and resolve problems they develop greater levels of trust and empathy and open the door to further collaboration and insights.

"Many Heads and Better Than One "

A full day workshop designed to solve a  specific problem or tackle a difficult issue. Using our structured process, your silos will see how their different perspectives and skills create synergies that produce forward momentum.  Open and respectful sharing and feedback offer opportunities to uncover innovative solutions. 

"Internal Networking Matters"

A 2-2.5 hour program that will maximise the engagement of staff and ensure that they will come away with new insights.  Think you already know your colleagues? Think again! YTM Conversations Cards are like nothing else you’ve seen elsewhere and we are confident that people will enjoy themselves and gain greater understanding of a large number of people in a very short period of time. 


Examples of   "Silo Breakers" we have run include- 

  • Not for profit organisation brought together mentors and mentees to learn from experiences and to broaden understandings of challenges
  • Relationships managers from various geographical locations to review business development and customer experience
  • Members of an association to kick start their year of events
  • A cluster of industries benefited from sharing common challenges and developed better communication 
  • Business professionals wanting to clarify their purpose
  • Local Council business networking event 


Find out more  how we can help your organisation or group by completing the online form. 

I would like to say thank you for facilitating the Silo Breakers programme to a group of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank staff over the last couple of months.
We have certainly seen some changes and growth in the individuals that attended the programme and are sure that we will continue to see them grow and become leaders of the future.
Once again thank you for your guidance and investment in our staff and we see that our spend will be returned in no time
— Brad Peel, Senior Manager Community Relationships-Western Region, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
It was great to use the YTM Conversation Cards at the annual offsite conference of one my clients. The attendees enjoyed using the questions on the playing cards to facilitate getting to know each other better and gain insights into how they approach their work. Easy and effective, the cards fostered relationships and brought energy to the event
— Don Gregg, Business Consultant, Advice4Growth
We recently commissioned Leigh and Kerryn Powell of Your Time Matters to facilitate a Silo Breaker type workshop to articulate and define our strategic direction. Their facilitation resulted in the definition of clear goals and actions for the group in an atmosphere of collaboration and unity.

We recommend Your Time Matters for your next workshop or management meeting if you want experienced facilitators who can lead your team down a productive and accountable pathway.
— Jim Schaefer Convener of SME Professional Services (SME Professional Services –