At YTM it gives us great pleasure to see our attendees grow personally and professionally. Thank you Stephen Read for being part of YTM since inception. 

Giving and receiving value -a true value exchange. Peter Burgess from Olivitek travels from Gippsland to Melbourne each month to attend YTM business networking events. 

Lynette Delane, from Kits and Bits is new to Melbourne business networking. She dislikes small talk, sales pitches and elevator speeches but loves the YTM Conversation Cards and travels from a far to attend YTM events. 

Lisa Stoneham recommends  the structure, the planning, the introductions and the tailored conversations that create win-win situations. 


Establish relationships that can open up opportunities for growth as you share knowledge and experience.

A sole business  benefits from the connection and educational segments at YTM events. 

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