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Deepening conversations - Developing networking skills - Gaining access to business insights and strategies to build a bigger and better business

Face -to-face conversation skills are at the heart of your business success, both internally and externally, whether you are a small business or in larger organisations. 



YTM offers UNIQUE business networking events in Melbourne, "think tanks" and workshops for B2B professionals.  Create strong relationships, share experience, provide knowledge,  opportunities and connections to build a bigger and better business:

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I know from my own experience growing up with a family in small business, then running my own business, how important it is to have a strong network of people we know, like and trust to call on. Relationships are the key to our success … not just within our industry, but outside it as well.
— Kerryn Powell, Founder, Your Time Matters.

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Business Strategy and Mentoring is a way to explore and test your proposition, ideas and strategy with an experienced and trusted advisor who is independent from your business


Silos exist in large corporations, small businesses and industry associations.  They even exist in families, churches, schools, churches and communities.  


Need a Speaker or MC for your upcoming event? Kerryn is a dynamic speaker and educator who focuses on teaching the skills required to convert opportunities through effective networking.


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Enjoy All The Benefits of One of the Most Enjoyable and Productive Networking Groups in Melbourne for a Fraction of the Cost


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