Looking for events that are fun AND engage you in more conversation than traditional networking events and use your precious time wisely? Would you benefit from professional and business development?

Browse through our full event calendar to find the next event for you. 


A bit about our event formats:


Connect With Confidence

  • Fun and friendly structure

  • Unique conversation cards

  • Meaningful discussions

  • "Matched" with others

  • Bonus Insight


Learn Grow Achieve

  • Enriching environment

  • Benefit from valuable insight

  • Share knowledge and learn

  • Interactive and insightful session


Collaborate & Connect  

  • Engaging and inclusive

  • Range of structured, learning opportunities

  • Connect with experts

  • Seek out alliance partners


Progressive Dinners

  • Relaxed and friendly

  • Social and informative

  • Share a meal together

  • Enjoyable business growth opportunities

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