"Networking is about relationships. Relationships start from conversations that generate leads, offer support and access knowledge. Your time is precious, use it wisely.”


No matter your level of experience or position, relationships and conversations are key.

Business owners and professionals connect strategically at YTM's unique facilitated business networking events. Strengthen your network, gain support and generate leads. Benefit from professional and personal development, clarify your value, participate in meaningful business conversations, boost your confidence, explore opportunities and experience real outcomes.

Five different, yet structured formats transform your networking experience,business and meeting your every need. Monthly events give you time to work “on” your business as you enjoy being part of an established community.

Benefit from one well structured event per month -

  • keeping you abreast of current trends and time to review your own best practice, personally and professionally

  • to make connections strategically “matched” with the people you need - suppliers, clients, referrers and friends

  • to engage in deeper business related conversations with business owners and professionals who relate to, understand and face similar challenges

  •  to work ON your business

  • knowing that through relationships you build, you can make a difference because you have the expertise

Upcoming YTM Business Networking Events and Workshops

Connect with Confidence, Learn Grow Achieve and Progressive Dinner events are held at The Deck, 212 Bay Street, Brighton- from 5.30pm. Please Note- No Door Sales.

Watch this video from last year’s YTM AWARDS DINNER 2018-

This year- “WHY CHOOSE ME” …hurry fills fast!


The Best Conversations Generate Leads and Opportunities.

Do you struggle to start a conversation?

Use these Essential Conversation Starters 

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Grow your business through-


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Test your proposition, ideas and strategy with an experienced and trusted advisor, independent from your business


In large corporations, small businesses and associations,  it is essential to focus on creating relationships and leveraging  the "Silos".


Wanting to connect and engage your group,  association, or team by developing stronger relationships that impact on your organisation?


What our clients say

Leigh and I both grew up in families involved in small businesses. Having also run a small business, we understand how important it is to have a strong network of people that you know, like and trust to support you. Most definitely, relationships are key to success … not just within your own industry, but outside it as well.

With the right connections, support, and knowledge, anything is possible and you can achieve what matters to you”.
— Kerryn Powell, Founder, Your Time Matters.


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