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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work, can easily happen.  I am sure you can relate to having deadlines to meet, proposals to send, clients wanting your attention, marketing to manage and budgets that have to be addressed.  

I know that I can fall into the trap of not taking enough breaks, or skipping lunch or eating at my desk while I finish off a task and not doing enough exercise.

One of the other things I like to do when I need a break, is to look back over my photos and change my thought process, even just for a few moments. The photo I have chosen to share with you today is the Igazzu Falls. where we visited earlier this year.

We cannot always get away on holidays, so we do need to learn ways to manage our busy minds.

I recently spoke with Dr. Lise Saugere’s, from Mindfully Serene, who is providing the insight at the next YTM “Connect with Confidence” event on 30th October.  - 5 Key Steps to Reduce Stress In Your Business.

In the meantime, these 3 simple things Lise suggests you can apply in the coming week :

1. Make sure you take regular short breaks during the day, for instance connecting with your breath, which will enable you to keep a calm head when challenges arise. Stand up, walk around and do gentle stretches.

2. Make sure you take a lunch break away from your desk, it will help you keep a clearer head and have more energy in the afternoon. Better still go for a walk or do some exercise at lunch time.

3. Avoid multitasking, prioritising what you have to do in the day and giving each task your full attention is the best use of your time. If you find yourself distracted, you can focus your mind again by watching the movement of the breath for a minute, letting judgments go.

Of course, mindfulness can play a large part on whether we allow stress to effect us.  My conversation with Lise alerted me to the fact that not all stress is negative and we do have some choice as to how we are going to react.

Lise shared with me that Awareness is a very important factor.  We need to look at our hot spots and triggers.  Let me, introduce you to Dr. Lise Saugeres, and you are invited to come along to YTM “Connect with Confidence” on Tuesday 30th October to learn more ways to reduce stress so that you improve both your personal and business health.

 By the way, Lise’s insight will be followed with two rounds of conversations that are sure to introduce you to some new faces and expand not only your horizons, but your connections. We look forward to meeting you face to face.

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