How can you Build your business into an Asset?

Education, knowledge and experience are essential to business and through networking you will  benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of others,  if  you have the right conversations and attend the right events. Let’s face it, sometimes you just do not know, what you don’t know until it’s too late or you hear from an expert in their field!

As business owners ourselves, we know that time is a scarce and non-renewable resource. That’s why we’ve designed a different type of networking event that delivers maximum value in minimum time with personal as well as professional rewards.

In addition to ample opportunity for conversation during open networking and table conversations, we provide valuable business insights.

Over the past four years, I have collaborated with and invited more than 60 business professionals with diverse experience to present valuable insights at YTM events so that our participants can learn, grow and achieve.  The insights have provided opportunity for reflection, improvement and prompted deeper conversations about business growth and the challenges faced.

I am thrilled to introduce Denise Hall as our speaker at the coming YTM event in Kew on the 16th August.  Following the open neworking, attendees will benefit from the BONUS insight entitled “Business Ownership is not a Life Sentence….you can get out!”. No doubt  this will  provide  food for thought, around how you view your businesses future.. 

Denise  recently  explained to me how important it is to plan and prepare an Exit Strategy if you want to be rewarded for your hard work. Knowing how Saleable your Business is and having your business Ready to Sell at a moment’s notice does require some time and thought along the way.

Denise says " If you aim to build your business into an Asset it may possibly be the largest asset you'll ever own.. So NOT “Starting with the End in Mind” could result in all the blood, sweat, tears, time and money you’ve invested resulting in next  to nothing!"

At the YTM Networking with a Twist event, Denise will discuss the importance of knowing how to build a business that’s worthy, understanding where its value lies, finding a way to GET OUT as profitably and seamlessly as possible, which means you need to think about what must to be done and how to do it.

Denise will share with you her thoughts on how to:

• define what it means to have a saleable and profitable business
• identify the key attributes a buyer will look for
• determine your business strengths and the advice you will need

 Some of the knowledge you will gain is around the importance of:- 

  1. Clean and profitable financials for a least TWO YEARS, proving that the business is making money is important, but even more is that it will continue to do so, demonstrated by how well it funds itself
  2. Establish recurring revenue models and lock them in
  3. Signed contracts are in place and ideally have as much time on them to run as possible
  4. Where feasible, the business owner is NOT the centre of attention or attraction

If you are considering whether you will or could sell yourbusiness in the future, you will benefit from Denise Hall’s expertise and valuable insight, by joining  us at YTM Networking with a Twist at The Skinny Dog Hotel, 155 High Street, Kewon Wednesday 16th August at 6.00pm.  Details here.


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