How Valuable are Conversations and Connections in Business?

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Conversations and Connections

The conversations I have had over the years have taught me so much. I have observed human behaviour, listened to struggles and successes, engaged in discussions and watched lives unfold, each time becoming more aware that there are so many ways to live our lives. The choice is truly yours.

Through conversations we learn skills and strategies to access knowledge and unlock dreams. We benefit from examples set by others who help us determine what is individually important to us and clarify our values. We gain more than we realise if we are open and tolerant as we share experiences and insights.

One Life to Live

One of the greatest life lessons I have learnt results from attending more than forty funerals. At each funeral I have always listened intently to the eulogy.

Whether it has been the funeral of a five-year-old child whose parents’ hopes and dreams were crushed, or the celebration of life of my eighty-five-year-old mother, ninety-five-year-old mother-in-law, or my stepfather and friends taken too early by cancer, or young adults taking their own life, or sons and daughters of friends killed in accidents … it is connection and relationships that leave an indelible mark, not the amount of dollars they made or the material things they accrued.

We have one life to live, one chance to influence and impact lives of others. Have you ever thought about that? What legacy would you like to leave?

Your Time Matters

From the time that I started my business, it has evolved and grown, just like me. Originally it started as ‘a spare pair of hands’ for busy people to get things done.

In 2013, I realised that creating events and opportunities for people to learn was something I could achieve. I started organising and facilitating events for business owners and professionals to build authentic relationships face-to-face and offer more than a transactional card swap.

From experience, I knew that small business could be a very lonely space. I wanted to create a supportive community for likeminded people allowing them to access the knowledge they needed at a reasonable cost and boost their confidence, helping them build the business they desired.

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My husband, Leigh, and I have now developed a dynamic program of business events, strategic workshops and think tanks for small business owners and professionals who seek professional development, community and growth.

Networking is so much more than a business tool; it is a life skill and catalyst to change. Every encounter unlocks new opportunities and connections and allows us to make informed decisions. It transforms thinking and grows our awareness of the world around us and our part in it. It helps us decide if we actually want to change and grow or not.

I would not have met so many inspiring and amazing people that I write about in my book if it were not for my business. I am grateful to have connected with them and it was them that drove me  to write. My hope is that if you read my book or when you meet with others, you listen, share and make time to have conversations with new people, as you will always benefit.


(this is an extract from the book, “Two Ears, One Mouth and a Big Heart- Conversations to Amplify and Inspire” by Kerryn Powell , Founder and Creaotr of Your Time Matters)


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