Energy drives your Sales Activity


This week, I would like to introduce you to our next presenter, Michael Licenblat, from BounceBack Fast is a resilience expert who teaches people in business and sales how to bounce back from setbacks and rejections. Michael is collaborating with YTM, to bring you the Learn Grow Achieve session on 26th March - Insight and interactive workshop format on How to increase your revenue, and bounce back in tough and competitive markets' .

Michael, says in business you need to be prepared to try different ideas to generate sales.  Some will work, and some won't.  It has been said that half of your marketing won't work….the only problem is that you don't know which half that is.

One of his business mentors, Pete Cook, says to "expect to fail at 50% of your projects".  This advice isn't being pessimistic, rather, it puts your expectations in reality and helps you understand that failure is an inevitable part of business, and that you may need to fail before you find success.

When you personalize the failure of a marketing idea or a lost sale, you are doing an injustice to yourself and to your business.  Your self esteem and self confidence is often what drives your motivation and competence to make contact with new prospects.  Your energy drives your sales activity.

If you allow yourself to stew over a rejection, feel bad over a failed marketing campaign, or beat yourself up because of a sales pitch that missed the mark, then you shouldn't be in business.

Jenny Hamby is the president of   Some years ago  Jenny wrote about an article that received negative feedback from one of her readers.   At first, Jenny felt hurt.  She then began to doubt herself and even question her abilities. 

Keep in mind that Jenny is an expert in her industry and has been operating a successful business for many years - however she was still vulnerable to the impact that rejection and negative feedback can have on her self esteem.

After some reflection, Jenny recognized that not every marketing effort will resonate with all her readers, and felt a lot better within herself knowing that every marketing effort won't always hit the mark.  She writes "There will always people who are unhappy with what you do or say. Don’t contort yourself or stifle your message out of fear for how they’ll react. Instead, stand firmly in your power, speak your truth and BE yourself 100%. The people you are meant to serve and teach will recognise you and respond"  

You are going to try things that won't work, you are going to say things that will sound stupid, and you are going to pitch for work that you won't get.  That's just how business work.  Expect it, don't over dramatize it, and keep moving on.

Your role and responsibility in business is to survive the rejections and keep going.  This is a core reason why many businesses fail - not due to bad planning, but because people are blindly optimistic about their success rate and then reality crushes their self esteem.  Bounce back so that you don't go bankrupt!

If you would like to join the interactive YTM on the 26th March, you will find more details HERE


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