The Power of Conversations to Help you Learn, Grow & Achieve

In  an increasingly connected online world, I believe many people are feeling more disconnected than ever. It was Jerome Bruner, a world renowned educational psychologist who lived to the ripe old age of 100, who long realised the value of conversations and story-telling as vital learning tools. 

In this tribute to Bruner, we learn more about this incredible man and his adventures, and better understand his contribution to narrative and storytelling as fundamental processes through which we engage with culture, providing “recipes for structuring experience”.

Taking the time to engage in conversations with other business professionals enriches your life, personally and professionally. What I love and do best is build connections, communities and networks, facilitate learning and create an environment where relationships flourish and people support each other in reaching their goals.

In 2016 I asked the Your Time Matters business community to share what it was that they enjoyed most about our unique blend of events and services. While I was initially surprised by the findings, I was also validated by what I learnt. As I reflected on the feedback I realised that the business professionals who attend our events did so because they wanted more than just networking and valued the deeper conversations and opportunities to learn in a safe environment.  They valued meeting face to face and enjoyed the connection and exchange of knowldge and experience, finding that the challenges they shared were faced by others and they were not alone. 

This was invaluable information and helped form the approach we take with our Think Tanks and business strategy sessions to complement the learning from others in your team through our Silo Breaker program. We’ve had thousands of conversations with small business owners, corporate executives, and individuals over 35+ years and feel privileged to listen to people sharing their dreams, their drivers, and their demons and to find that lightbulb moment where they suddenly realise they have the solution.

How Can You Engage in more Thought Provoking Conversations?

Small businesses face challenges, including isolation, cashflow and lack of confidence. By talking about your business and having deeper conversations you can open up opportunities, create engagement and uncover fresh ideas to improve the customer experience.

Bruner believed that narrative and storytelling “are routes to critical thinking, often juxtaposing unusual ideas, values or outcomes that generate novel insights – and questions”. It therefore makes sense that the conversations we start through our conversation starter cards at networking events, and the topics we explore at our Thinks Tanks, are an essential part of what connects us as human beings, helping you learn, grow and achieve.

Being able to discuss, explore, reflect and ponder during and after these conversations is a key tool for those who attend, helping make the necessary shifts in your approach to ensure you, your team and your business continue to innovate and adapt to an ever changing competitive environment.

The rapid pace of the online world has its place. And the slower pace of thoughtful and considered conversations, the act of listening and truly engaging in a verbal exchange are now, more than ever, essential to your business and continued success. Meaningful and relevant conversations are a powerful tool to help you and your business navigate the exciting possibilities the future offers.

If you’ve attended one of our unique networking events, then you’ll appreciate how our thought-provoking conversation starters help you explore and explain your business in ways that attract interest. By listening to others and answering questions about your own business, this helps clarify and describe your value as you create meaningful connections with other business owners.


I believe in the power of conversations to help you learn, grow and achieve and over the past four years, Your Time Matters has:

•   Held over 55 events for over 1200 attendees generating 10,000 likeminded conversations

•   Had over 50 business insight speakers on topics that make your business the best it can be- Generated real and substantial closed business and confident referrals between members

•   Developed a unique networking structure to prompt purposeful and engaging conversations

•   Created YTM “WHY” Awards for business owners to showcase “why they do what they do” and to provoke conversation and thought amongst the attendees

•   Provided 1:1 and group business strategy sessions

•   Expanded our reach and community

•   And through our conversations with business owners, developed a range of ways to help you build a bigger and better business



 Think Tank  is series of 3 sessions which explore and share ideas in a small group. It’s a unique opportunity to have deeper conversations. To discuss, explore, reflect and ponder. Contact Us to be Part of the next Think Tank program.