The Value of Conversations with Your Network

When we really pay attention in the conversations that we have we can learn some  powerful lessons that can be applied  to your own circumstances. Taking time to reflect, debate and explore business and life journeys of others,  encourages us to question and determine our own priorities and values.

Two Ears, One Mouth and a Big Heart

In Kerryn Powell’s book, Two Ears, One Mouth and a Big Heart- she shares several stories that provide the reader the opportunity to re frame potential learnings of others to then adjust their own direction and focus and approach to business and life. In brief, here are two of those stories.

Jane Seymour from Mount Zero Olives who working with her husband Neil created a business to support their family. They had no prior experience. One can only imagine the pressures they faced over the years and yet they adapted and changed to make the most of what they had. They applied knowledge. They learnt from others to produce products and called on help to achieve their goals along the way. They did not do it alone. No doubt there were many conversations about money, risk and vision.

Conversations Connect


Andy Gild, the winner of the 2018 YTM Award and story also shared in the book, has shared how conversations and connecting with other people can and will make a difference to you and them. You may not know that Bicycles for Humanity started out as a conversation between friends and now illustrates how something inconsequential to us - in this case broken bicycles - can change another person’s life. And not just one life. It’s a one to many equation—one bicycle; many lives.

Conversations will help you to make choices about your own life and what matters to you. Conversations can even help you see that small gestures can have a big effect.

You may be able to encourage someone else who is looking for a purpose. They might be lonely or lack confidence, and your prompt might be enough to help them feel needed and capable of making a contribution. It may just be the thing required to change their life.

Your Next Best Great Opportunity

Having conversations could just uncover your next best great opportunity. It is all in how you view it. Think of the connections, the experience and knowledge you might gain, and the satisfaction you will get if you are able to make a difference to someone who really needs your help.

If you would like to read more on how conversations amplify and inspire, you will enjoy reading Kerryn’s book and using the downloadbale e-book that will have you reflecting on what matters to you, contact Kerryn HERE