Is Business Networking Effective?

It is important to understand that networking is a skill that every one of us needs – it is not just for people in business. So, rest assured, you do not have to be in business to benefit to build an effective network.

We create all sorts of networks  throughout our lifetime and form relationships that can influence and change our thinking and direction. No doubt you are networking in some form or other every day. You just may not realise it.

Of course if you are in business, networking is essential for several reasons.

On the 27th November, YTM celebrates 5 years of running business networking events with a Progressive Dinner event. A panel of three business owners will share their stories as they look “Back to the Future”.

Networking creates opportunities

Business networking can be a fun and enjoyable way to build your business as you seek new opportunities and create connections. There is no doubt, that you can gain from the various perspectives shared with others on how to improve your business. New ideas challenge your thinking and encourage change for the better and you can expand your horizons through conversations and discussion with others.

At our Dinner event you will learn from the Panel as they share their business journey so far…the good, the bad and the key learnings which we are sure will resonate with you now.

The takeaways from the panel stories will likely include the merits of persistence, proposition, planning, pricing, partnership, negotiation, cash flow, marketing, pathways, probabilities and possibilities…and no doubt some “oooops!” Moments too. Yes, Business Networking is an effective way to learn, grow and achieve.

Meet interesting people when you network


Holly Klintworth: Managing Director / Head Distiller at Bass and Flinders Distillery

Holly is the Managing Director at Bass and Flinders Distillery, overseeing all areas of the business, from sales, marketing and strategic planning through to distillation and product creation.

Founded in 2009 by her father Wayne Klintworth and his business partner Bob Laing, the business is now entirely family owned and run. Bass & Flinders is an artisanal distillery producing grape spirit using a traditional Alembic Pot Still to create a range of world‐class distillations including award winning gins, spirits, liqueurs and a premium 5 year aged brandy Ochre.

Hear how Holly and her father Wayne transformed the family business from a hobby based passion for artisan distilling, into a thriving business now supplying widely through wholesale and retail channels.

You will hear how the family faced into and solved many challenges which are likely to resonate with all small business owners.

Nick Sheridan: Owner of 99th Monkey

Nick is a former journalist at The Age turned food entrepreneur.

Nick is the owner of 99th Monkey, makers of Australia's finest nut butters, which are available through more than 700 independent retailers around Australia.

99th Monkey exists to spread the joy of simple, delicious food. Available through farmers markets and independent retailers around Australia, 99th Monkey nut butters are made with only the finest minimally processed ingredients.

You will hear how Nick has moved from a part time business to a full time enterprise now scaling for growth and navigating all the hurdles and risks that confront many small businesses.

Jo Johnson: The Content Coach-

When Jo found herself with a redundancy letter in hand whilst on maternity leave from, she knew it was time for a change. 15 years of working for big brand names as a copywriter, marketer, and digital strategist meant Jo had written a lot of stories – now it was time to write her own new chapter.

Originally established as a copywriting service, Jo’s business morphed into Content Coaching 2 years later. She realised it was better to ‘teach the man to fish, rather than fish for him.’ She loves working with people who are experts at what they do, but who struggle to convey that expertise through their marketing; they typically don’t know what to say or how to say it, especially in the online space.

Now, 8 years on, her business is changing again, so that she can do more of what she really lovesbeing on stages, facilitating and leading groups of people to change through events, masterminds and retreats.

She will share with us her new evolution: helping people become impactful thought-leaders by leveraging their expertise into a solid body of work (read: book, program or blog). Change brings opportunity and Jo is ready to embrace it again!

Sound like an event that would be of interest to you?

Networking allows you to connect with others

In the lead up to this event, I would like to introduce you to a few people who have been part of YTM’s journey and look at how their businesses have evolved over that time. and the effectiveness of business networking in helping them achieve their goals.

Margaret Hiatt, was the very first presenter at YTM back in 2013. She explains her need to connect with others, even when running a successful online business.

Networks take time to build

Ronen Atzmon, left the corporate world and took the step into small business. He values the flexibility and has created a network that is based on solid relationships. He explains that networking takes time, but is well worth the effort.

Warren Howard, also left the corporate world and has built a business supported by his network.

Each interview is worth your time, as you will learn from the experience and knowledge of these small business owners.

I have found that the conversations I have had over the years  have  taught me so much about life, myself and others. I have observed human behaviour, listened to struggles and successes, engaged in conversations and discussions whilst watching lives unfold, each time  becoming more aware that there are so many ways to live our lives, and yet we all seek much the same thing, to connect.

Connect with knowledge by networking

I am confident that when we invest in relationships, we have the ability to  access knowledge,  unlock dreams,  and benefit from seeing how others have developed skills and strategies in response to their particular need. By looking on, we gain from the examples set by others helping  us to determine what is important to the individual  and clarifying  values. We gain more than we realise if we are open and tolerant as we share  experiences and insights.  

As a wife, mother , a mother-in-law, a grandmother of a gorgeous grandson,  sister, auntie, friend and small business owner who has changed careers several times, I value the relationships and opportunities I have had.  

Each one has influenced and affected my view of the world, mixed with some good and not so good experiences. They have made me who I am today.

 Steve Jobs of Apple fame, told the graduates of Stanford University (2005) “you have to find what you love”** .He told them - “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”.

 When I connect the dots, the common denominator is my awe  of people and why they do what they do,  my desire to continually  learn, teach, facilitate and run events. 

I want to help you recognise that  we all have knowledge, experience and opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, when we focus, listen, share and connect on a deeper level.

Networking helps you evolve and grow

Since I started my business, Your Time Matters (YTM) I have seen it evolve and grow , just like me. Originally I started my business as “a spare pair of hands” for busy people to get things done.

 In 2013, I realised that creating events and opportunities for people to learn was something I could achieve. I started organising and facilitating professional events for business owners and professionals. My focus was building authentic relationships face to face, offering more than a transactional card swap.

 I knew from experience that small business can be a very lonely space. I wanted to create a supportive community for likeminded people allowing them to access the knowledge they needed at a reasonable cost and boost their confidence, helping them build the business they desire.

YTM offers a supportive community and has developed a dynamic program of business events, strategic workshops and think tanks for small business owners and professionals who seek professional development, community and growth.

Networking is much more than a business tool, it is a life skill and catalyst to change. Every conversation opens new opportunities and connections, if you take the time to invest yourself. It is a highly effective way to build your busienss, but you must do it properly.

Networking transforms your thinking

 It transforms thinking and grows our awareness of the world around us and our part in it. It allows us to unlock opportunities and make informed decisions. Of course, we may decide that we are quite happy the way things are in our lives and not want to change a thing.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to engage and connect with so many inspiring people. When we listen, share and take the time to have conversations we gain so much.

Join us for Dinner and experience an event like none other. Then consider becoming a YTM Member in 2019, so we can learn, grow and achieve together.

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