If you are in  business or are seeking employment then you MUST get out and network.  The power of word-of mouth and “who do you know who…? ”  will open doors and opportunities more cost effectively, than advertising your services or answering an advertisement on  an employment  website where hundreds  of people respond for the one job or provide a similar service or product.

However, there are more networking events and Meet Ups than ever.  Many networkers can be disappointed by their experience as they make a poor choice of events they attend and become disheartened  by wasting precious time.

People attend networking events for a variety of reasons.  It is also  important to remember that events attract a variety of audiences. Some networking events  have no clear purpose, others are purely focussed on transactions and referrals, and others provide education and an opportunity to learn new skills and transform your thinking and business. 

If you are going to truly invest in networking as an opportunity to grow your business then you need to decide on your real intent for choosing the events you attend. Then make a plan based clearly on your intention, whether it is soley to 

  • build the right relationships

  • have the right conversations

  • generate leads

  • gain knowledge

  • and, achieve a real return on your networking time, or a combination of the above.

So,  how do you choose the right event to go to? Here are 7 things you should keep in mind.

  1. Set yourself Networking Goals and choose events accordingly, then review your outcomes

  2. Have a clear intention of why you are wanting to network

  3. Networking events are not the only way to build a network

  4. Diversify Your Networking Groups

  5. Consider the interests and connections of your Target Market

  6. Never underestimate who you are talking too

  7. Engage in good conversations, and apply good communication skills

If you have never really thought deeply about your Networking approach, you should complete the  Networking Health Check to see where your weaknesses lay , and consider utilising  The 90 Day Networking Challenge to set yourself measurable KPS's and focus on the next 30, 60 or 90 days to track your performance… the choice is yours! 

By the end of the challenge you will be able to:

·      Maximise your networking investment

·      Plan your networking time effectively

·      Prepare by having a clear intention

·      Follow up, evaluate and plan your next steps

Kerryn Powell also provides Mentoring to help you boost your confidence and determine the right approach for you.  You can book a time with her HERE.