Hello, I’m Kerryn Powell

I am The Network Catalyst and Founder of Your Time Matters.

The great loves of my life are my family, people and their stories. I bring these passions together to create network synergy for business professionals, groups and teams.

For thirty years I have been working as a catalyst for change. Fundamentally I believe relationships are the key to achieving growth, and relationships grow from conversations that build mutual understanding and trust. Because of this, I invest my time:

  • Boosting people’s capacity to participate in effective face-to-face communication

  • Gathering like-minded people together to explore the unexpected synergies that emerge through sharing personal and professional stories

  • Providing guidance and support to help people move forward with purpose and accountability.

Working as The Network Catalyst is hugely rewarding because it has a ripple effect—together we forge connections that amplify opportunities, and inspire people in business to experience the power and endless potential of networking to build relationships.

Learn more about me and how we can work together on my website:


Let me introduce you to Leigh Powell, my husband of 36 years.
We were introduced through our mutual network and the rest they say is history!