If asked  to share the 10 commandments for business networking,  I would point out that they  are based on common sense rules  focused on developing strong relationships, focussing  on others and thinking of way to help them find solutions to what they are wanting to achieve.  

Simply by sharing  knowledge, experience, resources and expertise you can make a difference.  Solving  problems faced by our customers, suppliers, referrers and friends   rather than focusing on  “selling” products and services, can help you to build a strong network that results in both personal and professional satisfaction. 

My 10 commandments focus on how you can help others to accelerate their business success – 


1.     You will listen more than you speak and not bore others by talking about your own business at nauseum, but be interested in finding out why they do what they do.

2.     You will look out for opportunities for others to build their business by  connecting  them with your network of trusted advisers.

3. You will focus on establishing  relationships founded  on knowing, liking  and trusting others to establish a reliable network. 

4.     You will regularly attend the right networking events and contribute your experience and knowledge without expecting anything in return.

5.     You will move out of your comfort zone and meet face to face to strengthen  your “gut” meter.

6.     You will be accountable for your actions at all times and recognise that Networking requires you to put in effort and  not just sit back and expect business to  come to you. 

7.     You will  follow up and follow through when you offer assistance.

8.     You will be  build a brand by regularly attending the same  networking events and recognise that it is up to you to achieve your desired  results.

9.     You will be authentic, honest and provide value.

10.     You will think of your suppliers, clients, referrers and friends and recommend events that will enhance their opportunities to generate business .

In conclusion,  imagine yourself  in the place of other business owners and professionals and reflect on  how you like to network  and “do to  others as you would have them do to you”.