Progressive Dinners - a YTM networking event-

Share a meal,enjoy relaxed but meaningful conversations and have some fun

In many cultures, sharing a meal is one of the most traditional and important customs. Our YTM PROGRESSIVE DINNERS are based on this act of hospitality where even the shyest person, feels comfortable. The different setting and environment strengthens existing relationships and attracts our loyal and friendy community, and many new faces, too.

By joining us, you’ll have the opportunity to have relaxed but meaningful conversations and listen to a guest speaker or panel discussion while enjoying a fine, two-course meal.

Held only a few times a year, these events should be in your calendar! (2019- 30th April, 31 July, 28 November)

Once a year, we hold the YTM Awards. These innovative events now into the 4th year, see a small group of competitors, stepping out of their comfort zone and raising their profile as they respond to a given topic and criteria and are judged by a panel. The competitiors have the chance to win the YTM Award and /or the People’s Choice Award.

The aim is to encourage thought, increase confidence in public speaking, provide a forum for presentation and to have a bit of fun.

The topics thus far have been -

  • 2016- WHY? ( basis- Why do you do what you do?)

  • 2017-WHY NOT ? (basis- Thinking more innovatively )

  • 2018-WHY DOES IT MATTER? (basis- food for thoughtand learning)

  • AND this YEAR, 2019- WHY YOU? (pitch through story)

Here is the Winner of the 2018 YTM and People’s Choice Award- Andy Gild


Upcoming Progressive Dinners Events