Ayesha Fathers - Community Services Development Professional

On behalf of the Eastern Sector Development Team and the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) Alliance, I would like to thank Kerryn Powell for being such a passionate keynote speaker at our 25 July 2018 EMR Alliance Convention. This event was attended by 104 leaders across the region’s funded community aged care service providers and was themed ‘Communication – The Human Connection’. Kerryn’s collaborative approach in designing a presentation to meet our needs was both flexible and professional. She was generous with her time and supportive of our event, taking a large step out of her comfort zone by working with us to test new live audience feedback software during her own presentation, in preparation for a later presentation. Attendee feedback was very positive, with 90% stating that Kerryn’s keynote left them not only understanding why personal and professional networks matter more than ever in this changing environment but also with an understanding on how to influence more, collaborate better, drive impact and future proof through collaboration. We wish Kerryn all the very best and hope to work with her again in the future

Meirav DulbergComment