Innovative Networking- two heads are better than one!

Bringing together talents of your team and blending their various skills provides your  business with an opportunity to leverage  the combined skills, knowledge and experience possessed by the group.

We hear of Mastermind Groups, Think Tanks and Networking events.  These too can provide a starting point to take on  a bigger pictureof  opportunities as the groups  draw on  skills and expertise of those willing to share , challenge, learn and grow together.  

Bringing together teams, from within an organisation and or from  different geographical locations to build an internal network can  build on  processes and systems resulting in  improved  customer experience,  or better professional and business development opportunities that impact on staff performance.

Think Tanks  also  provide opportunities for  groups of business owners from diverse backgrounds and experiences to  share their business challenges and expertise providing  different perspectives to individuals  seeking to innovate and expand their growth with new thinking. After all, two heads are better than one!

Now a days, i nnovation is becoming a much talked about concept and requires businesses to continually change, improve and take  a fresh approach.  Quickly products and services are becoming  stale or redundant as   new and better ways of “doing” are created. 

In order to innovate a  team of people with the right mix of skills need to come together to brainstorm, create, discuss and challenge existing ideas and examine  them from all angles. By creating a group that  immerses and  focus on a problem,  possible  solutions can be challenged and explored. 

Innovation is here to stay and even the small step of using networking events to test your ideas, seek out expertise and opinions of  others   can help your businesses grow and innovate ways to improve your  offering.  Consider using your next networking event to 

  • find out what people are looking for
  • check the ongoing relevance of your business model
  • gain feedback on a new aspect of your offer
  • identify the right problems your business should seek to solve
  • seek out a group you would like to immerse yourself with to explore how you could make changes and innovations within your industry 

…you need to start innovating  now or you will be left behind.

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