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The Year That Was and Will Be

The year is well and truly moving along. In the blinkof an eye we move from December to February!   Over the holidays, I had many discussions with my husband and YTM Business Mentor, Leigh Powell on what YTM had achieved in 2017 and the direction we would take in  2018.  All businesses need to review their strategies and the start of the year is a great time. Infact we have a "Goal Setting and Accountability" Workshop scheduled for the 13th February , if you need some guidence. 

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Why do YOU Attend Networking Events?

David has been running his  business for over four years now.  He left corporate world when he had the chance of  a redundancy package and  grabbed it with open arms, deciding  that working for himself was a much better option.  

It has been quote a journey! The first year David was very busy.  He had plenty to  learn as he set up his home office and was responsible for every day to day administrative task.

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What is your Default Networking approach?

Dr. Jason Fox, spoke about how we  often suffer from default thinking or  auto pilot. He suggested we make a new goal of  challenging  the things we do automatically and the approaches that we use without thought.

It made me think more about innovation, which is  a hot topic these days.  We talk about businesses needing  to continually change,  to improve and look for a new ways.  Products and services quickly become stale or redundant as new and better ways of “doing” are created. 

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The 90 Day Networking Challenge

You know when you have an idea and its been in your head for sometime and finally you act on it!  Well, that is what happened for me.  With four events in theSmall Business Festival on the horizon, I knew I could develop a working tool to  help business owners  focus on using their precious networking time wisely.

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How Networking Accelerates your Success

My first full time job in the travel industry was the result of connections in my  mothers network.  It is a known fact that over 85% of jobs result from networking.  I met my husband, Leigh,  through a work colleague during that period, although perhaps we were always destined to meet, as I had booked his parents world trip before I even met him! 

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The Keys to Sales Conversion

When we cut through all the noise and deliver our communication the way the client/colleague likes, understands and knows we have a greater chance to build lasting business relationships.  Understanding the 4 different styles and how to use them assists in greater understanding for all parties. 

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