The 90 Day Networking Challenge


You know when you have an idea and its been in your head for sometime and finally you act on it!  Well, that is what happened for me.  With four events in the Small Business Festival last year, it was time to  develop a working tool to  help business owners  focus on how they were using their precious networking time and track their results.

So, I  launched of “The 90 Day Networking Challenge” to coincide with the Small Business Festival Victoria events during August, 2016.

The 90 Day Networking Challenge is a “how-to” manual and workbook assisting business owners and professionals  to maximise and set their own KPI's for their networking opportunities , and to grow leads and nurture relationships.   The structure of the Challenge requires the individual to be accountable for how they plan, prepare and follow up when using networking as an integral part of their marketing strategy for business growth.

I have  been building networks for years throughout my career portfolio. When working for an internal home relocation company, I witnessed  how difficult life was in particular for  those who have no network to draw on. No one to share their knowledge or experience, until they  developed some trustworthy connections. 

Relationships are the key to success.  

Over the  the past four years I have  connected hundreds and hundreds of business owners and professionals, but I also am aware that the biggest single issue for the majority is failure to follow up. 

Time spent effectively on building relationships, generates business and can provide you with knowledge, experience and connections you need. By networking you can  establish profitable relationships,  find new opportunities,  referrals, and,  develop networks that can provide support.

The 90 Day Challenge is designed to

  • maximise the networking investment
  • plan networking time effectively
  • prepare by having a clear intention
  • follow up, and help evaluate results and plan the next steps


Contact us today to purchase your copy and if your would benefit from some help in developing your Networking Strategy, I can certainly help you there too!

“It was such a pleasure meeting the wonderful Kerryn Powell at the “Women Fit for Work” and YTM Networking event in 2015. We connected immediately and I knew her one-to-one coaching was just what I needed to take my business to the next level at networking events. I cannot thank and express my gratitude enough to Kerryn who was able to connect me with fabulous collaborators who were relevant to my business needs. Thank you Kerryn for all your direction. I absolutely love your YTM events which are run with such perfection allowing everyone to experience a real connection with each other. ”

— Angela Sorpreso, Bellartista Designs


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