How to develop Trust

Did you know Melbourne turned 181 years old at the end of last year ?  What an achievement! Last November, YTM Networking with a Twist turned three.  Both YTM and Melbourne are built on conversations that create profitable relationships and achieve outcomes.

Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle addressed the attendees at AIM National Networking Day and highlighted the importance of networking, particularly face to face.  As he pointed out, contracts finalisinga deal or scope of work are not signed digitally, they are signed faced to face  and are the result of many, many conversations and interactions. 

The process of developing know, like and trust is critical to any outcome. Particularly in business, you want to work with or entrust your project or business to those you feel comfortable with and recognise they share the same values and approach.

Melbourne is a city based on networks.   Networking is the heart of this city.  Networking allows us to add value and is a skill that can be learnt and mostly certainly needs to  be developed.  If you ask anyone in business, the more connections and conversations you have,  the more opportunities you are presented with to  learn, grow and achieve as you deepen conversations and relationships.   After all, it is a common theory that more than 65% of business comes from referrals and well over 70% of job come through your network.

Whilst social media certainly has its place, looking someone straight in the eye, hearing their enthusiasm for what they do, listening to how they can help or solve a problem, and sharing knowledge, experience and time has far more impact than reading a post or email.  These face to face encounters open up opportunities for furtherconversations to explore synergies and connections where mutual benefit can be gained.

YTM has connected over 750  business owners in  the past three years, and  has witnessed  more than 6500 conversations held  face to face  to start and strengthen relationships.  Relationships are the key to success.  Referrals  and outcomes flow from strong relationships  and through  collaboration  and helping to solve problems you can  achieve  a profitable and successful outcome. The AIM event also provided the opportunity for a group YTM members and supporters to have some fun, grow their connections and strengthen their  established relationships, too.

We may not have broken the Guinness Book of records at the AIM event, but I certainly met and spoke with at least 20 others who I have now furthered the conversation and will help to develop their networks.  By meeting face to face, the ice has been broken and we can move to the next level of learning more about each other.  

YTM runs networking events in Melbourne and provides workshop, coaching and strategy sessions 1:1 and to group on how to make the most of the time invested  in networking.  I am  keen to know what are the   biggest challenges you face when you attend a networking event?  Do you need help to improve your networking?  Call me today and let's see how I can help you.