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Collaborate & Connect- Goals and Accountability Workshop


WHAT: Set real Goals and create an Accountability framework to make sure you build a bigger better business in 2018!

WHERE: The Waterman Centre, Chadstone

WHEN: Tuesday, 13th February 2018

TIME: 9.15 AM arrival with 9.30AM start to 12 PM



Presented by Leigh Powell , Business Strategist and Mentor


YTM Members

-     Complimentary inclusion for YTM Connect and YTM Freedom Members

NON YTM Members are very welcome .

-     A$329 plus GST *

Tickets are non-refundable

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Workshop Purpose.

Setting Goals by making a Plan is essential to give direction and purpose to your priorities in 2018.

Learn how to make this real and convert the theory into practice.

There are fundamental steps to this process and if done with care they will combine to become your roadmap and measurement stick!

In this workshop Leigh l take you through the essential steps you need to take in order to shift your business into something incredible over the next year.

Starting with your 2017 base, where do you want your business to get to in 2018 and then map out a realistic plan to get there and measure your success.

The key driver is having an accountability framework to be true to.


We are not setting out to solve world peace, we are setting out to give you the tools to create a workable, practical and achievable plan that you can be accountable to.


Focus areas

  • Income
  • pricing
  • your value
  • your message
  • your intent,
  • leads
  • time management
  • and accountability.

Who should attend?

Business owners who want to change-up 2018 and discover a practical way to “work on the business”

Workshop inclusions

Morning tea, lots of interaction and learning and a work book.

Lunch is not included


Sounds like you? Register NOW and join our facilitator Leigh Powell at this great workshop to kick start your 2018!


About Leigh Powell:


Having talked to a lot of small business owners and people in the corporate environment, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “Tell me what to do.” Most of them know what they want to achieve and they need help exploring the implications and thinking through the details. That’s why I call myself a mentor rather than a coach.

My role is to help you lean into what you know you should do, take responsibility for it, and turn it into a profitable strategy. How do I do this? Well, asking questions is the first step: discovering where you are and where you want to be, learning about your networks, resources, budget, cashflow, constraints, and more…

From my perspective (after many conversations with professionals, small business owners and corporate executives) it’s my privilege to work with people as they share their dreams, their drivers and their demons to find that light bulb moment where they suddenly realise they have the solution.