What is your Default Networking approach?

I attended a networking breakfast yesterday where the speaker, Dr. Jason Fox, spoke about how we  often suffer from default thinking or  auto pilot. He suggested we make a new goal of challenging  the things we do automatically and the approaches that we use without thought as maybe there is a better way. 

It made me think more about innovation, which is  a hot topic these days.  We talk about businesses needing  to continually change,  to improve and look for a new ways.  Products and services quickly become stale or redundant as new and better ways of “doing” are created. 

In order to innovate you need people to bring  diverse skills  together to brainstorm, create, discuss and challenge existing ideas and examine them from all angles. Through immersion and focus, possible solutions can be challenged and explored. 

In the workplace, bringing together your team and blending their various skills provides your business with an opportunity to leverage the combined skills, knowledge and perspectives possessed by the group.

Mastermind Groups, Think Tanks and even Networking events, can provide a starting point to draw on skills and expertise of those willing to share, challenge, learn and grow together. 

Bringing together teams, from within an organisation and or from different geographical locations to build an internal network can improve on processes and systems resulting in better customer experience, along with professional and business development opportunities which will have a positive impact on staff performance.

As a Business Catalyst and Networking Strategist, I believe we need to step out of our comfort zones as we build business relationships . Networking events can be uncomfortable, yet offer an opportunity to challenge the norm. 

Attending the right networking events can be a start in generating the ideas to innovate by immersing yourself with likeminded people with diverse experience and perspectives. Sharing challenges and expertise from a range of perspectives can open opportunities that help innovate and expand growth with new thinking.

Think about it. Have you been attending the same networking events, over and over for years? Are you stuck and bored by the events and conversations you are having? How about using networking events to test your ideas, seek out expertise and opinions of others?

At your next networking event, why not have conversations that will expand your horizons rather than just looking for referrals, why not try to 

  • find out what people are looking for
  • check the ongoing relevance of your business model
  • gain feedback on a new aspect of your offer
  • identify the right problems your business should seek to solve
  • seek out others to explore how you could make changes and innovations within your industry 

At YTM, our innovative format will have you engaged  in more in-depth conversations than at many traditional networking events. We involve our participants in conversations that encourage the participants to share, connect and collaborate.

We held our  2nd YTM Awards Dinnerin May where our  speakerspresented on the topic is "Innovate: Why Not?"


 Would you like details on our next dinner event?  It is on 28th November.  

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