3 Tips for Having More Meaningful Conversations


The online space plays a major role in businesses today,  but  sadly it means  the art of conversation is suffering.

At  YTM, we use conversation to  open up opportunities and help to create mutual and lasting relationships.  We know that strong relationships build better businesses.   It is our mission to help business owners, professionals and teams to  have better conversations.

We structure events and programs that stimulate interaction and encourage collaboration by carefully looking for synergies and opportunities to connect and engage our participants in meaningful conversations. 

We have always believed that conversations provide an opportunity to explore, influence and share knowledge. Recently the YTM Dinner focussed on the topic of “Conversational Intelligence” … It’s more than what you say!”

Our presenter, Jacqui Snider, an occupational therapist and a workplace culture coach and trainer, shared her insightful presentation delving into the neuroscience of it all.  She explained how the neuroscience behind our conversations influence the  interactions we have with others and how the neuro chemistry in our brains is  affected and impacted by the words people say and the words we use.

3 Tips for having  More Meaningful Conversations

1. So often we think everybody sees the world the same way, we do.  This is not the case.  Each one of us, operates with our own filters. Being aware and self-aware of this will help us to have more positive interaction with others and build rapport and trust more quickly.

2. There are 3 Levels of Listening.  It is important to understand and  develop our  interactions  across these levels. 

·         Level 1, relies on exchanging information. It is where many networking conversations start and end.  It is transactional and based on question and answer and validates often what we already know.

·         Level 2, is based on persuading others and taking control  of the exchange,  defending what you know to be right.

·         Level 3, is where listening is generated at YTM events . Our conversations  are transformational and encourage an exchange of energy and focus on co creation, sharing and discovery.

3. It is important to develop conversations with follow up questions.  Jacqui explained this as Double Clicking”.   It encourages further exploration and discovery.  An example question is “ …and what else?’….”How did you know…..?”

If you would benefit from having conversations concerning business related issues and are looking to have conversations with likeminded others, you will enjoy our  “Connect With Confidence” events. Our innovative approach will have you talking about your business and connecting with business owners and professionals who are keen to explore, share and interact in a safe and welcoming environment.


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