Business Planning: Does SQ put IQ and EQ in the shade?

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You probably have heard of IQ and EQ... but you might be asking what the  is SQ? Glad you asked!

SQ is known as spiritual intelligence however I prefer to define it as shared intelligence (otherwise some people may stop reading now!).

IQ is about a measure of individual intelligence ranked in the population while EQ is about behaviours and strategies to deploy your IQ and raise the probability that someone will listen, engage, gets you and your point.

SQ is the cake and IQ and EQ are the ingredients.

If you have a mindset to share your experience and learnings and if you have the foresight to find and surround yourself with like-minded others, imagine the “one to many” power that this will generate.

It could be problem solving, sense checking, opportunity and idea generation where trust plus IQ plus EQ can and will stretch shared thinking and more than likely improve outcomes.

Corporate speak talks about masterminds and think tanks and sand pits and laboratories and incubators where shared information and experience has a great chance of equalling 1+1 =4.

So it goes with your business planning.

Do you do it alone on an island or do play in a sand pit with like minds?

The SQ is up to you..with others…so go forth and multiply and build and road test a better and confident Plan for your business.


Leigh Powell is business strategist and mentor with Your Time Matters (YTM).

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