SavE Time Through Networking

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So, you want to build  a strong network?  But time gets in the way and you really do not like networking much anyway.  Change your thinking. 

 Recently, I was speaking at a Conference and one of the issues  that was brought  up, was that with a heavy workload, it is very difficult to network in real time and maintain relationships.  It was even suggested that  maybe it wasn’t worth the effort anyway! What a pity to think this way. I  understand that time is precious, however by investing time and having a plan, you can  actually save and build a better business, too.

Build Your Visibility, Credibility, Profitability

If you are a business owner or professional, you should be allowing at least 6 hours a week to marketing. This sometimes seems impossible, but from today, you should lock those hours into your diary.  Remember, networking helps you build your visibility, credibility and profitability.  You need to be out there connecting, building relationships and generating opportunities for the future.  Imagine if you lost your biggest client, or worse still your two biggest clients?  You need to be planting seeds and we all know it takes time for thing to grow.

Save Time Find The Right Connection

By nurturing and  creating  the right connections, you have the opportunity to find the information or service that you need quickly.  Suppliers, clients, referrers and friends within your network, all have networks that you can tap into and access. Often a simple call or email to your trusted connection will help you can find the answer or person you need.

5 Ways to Reignite Your Networking Relationship

Here is a simple MENU of five things you can do to nurture or reignite your business relationships. Choose one of these, and put it into your diary TODAY and schedule it for the month ahead …make it happen!

1. Set aside just half an hour a day ….Contact 3 or more of your connections  by phone and see how their business is travelling, and ask is there anything you could help them with?

2. Send a simple card in the mail …not a sales pitch, just to say “hi” and keep in contact and top of mind.

3. Forward an article by email or LinkedIn that you think may be of interest, and  even refer to a past conversation you may have had.  

4. Invite them to accompany you to a networking event, so you can catch up and both grow your network.

5. Use LinkedIn to endorse or recommend your connection publicly for a skill you have experienced or witnessed.  The authenticity of this is important as it reflects on your integrity.

YTM is here to support you to build your business network , develop strong relationships  and transform your business through knowledge and strategy sessions.   Your time matters- learn, grow, achieve!

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