Networking to Protect Your Business Asset


If you have attended a YTM event over the past 6 years, or one of the trade Expos we have run, no doubt you will have met Ronen Atzmon from Atzmon & co Solicitors.  Ronen has been attending YTM since the very first event in 2013, the year he also founded  his own law firm.   He is often described  by YTM attendees as “a lawyer with personality”.  Infact one attendee explained that  he would choose Ronen if he needed advice, because of his commitment to provide clarity, knowledge, value for Money, efficiency and no jargon!

It is evident in conversations with Ronen,  that be believes his clients deserve to receive specialist advise which is specific, practical and communicated to them in plain language delivered on time and within the agreed costs. When they act for clients, Ronen keeps the above principles in mind.

Ronen has over 25 years of experience in commercial law and financial services.

We have had many conversations over the years and our business relationship ticks all four categories of supplier, referrer, client and friend. We both know that conversations are the start to building relationships and that they need to go deeper than “What do you do"?” It is important to share experiences and knowledge and we often mix up our business discussions sharing our travel adventures, family experiences and challenges. Business is part of our lives and “know, like and trust” is a key component of our relationship.

If you haven’t met Ronen, let me introduce you --

What were you doing prior to starting your own practice?

Prior to establishing the firm I worked as General Counsel for a financial institution for 14 years . This senior legal position enabled me to be involved with the business and the business decision making process as well as advise the business on all legal issues relevant to the business. Financial services/banking is one of the most regulated and complex legal fields in the Australian legal landscape. Receiving this experience enables me to apply the same principles, knowledge and skills in giving other businesses with legal and practical advice.

After leaving the financial institution I joined Langes Lawyers in 2010 establishing their Melbourne operation as a new business. Langes Lawyers specialises in financial services/banking laws. I stayed with them for 2 ½ years and eventually I decided that I wanted more. I wanted to connect to the business and work closely with business owners dealing with their legal issues.

I decided that I can take my 17 years of experience in a complex legal environment and utilise it across the board and assist small to medium enterprises to achieve compliance and legal protection in similar fashion.

Who do you help?

I  work with small to medium enterprises on all their legal and business issues. Sometimes Business people are so enthusiastic to open their doors and start trading that they omit to consider many of the fundamentals which are so important.  Of course, more established businesses also need advice to protect the business asset that they are building and I want to help them .

What do you find the most challenging part of being in small business?

As an owner of a small business I experience the same stresses and concerns that other businesses experience which provides me with a unique perspective into some of the legal issues that they face.  This enables me to relate better and communicate with business owners at their level and simplify their challanges  

What do you like to do to relax?

I am an amature builder so what relaxes me is doing labour tasks around the house such as erecting a deck, erecting fences, painting and the like.  Working with my hands activates another part of my brain and requires physical strength which I like and find enjoyable.

What does success look like to you?

 Success has a number of faces.  Naturally working on a large matter and bringing it to a successful conclusion is extremely satisfying.  By the same token taking a new client with legal issues I have never encounter before is extremely challenging but once I concur the lack of knowledge, success is at hand.  On a personal level, success means dividing my time smartly between income earning activity, family live, friends and me time.  The pinnacle of success if when I look at my family and the life style my wife and I managed to achieve, my heart feels with happiness and that is success.    

Ronen is one of the panel  of four presenting at the YTM event on 28th May.  The Learn Grow Achieve, session on  “How to Protect Your Business Asset” will help business owners and professionals  who work hard day in year out, keep their business safe  Why wouldn’t you want to protect your asset ? READ MORE HERE