How to Take Your Business From Thought To Action

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Lots and lots and lots of people can tell you what you should do as a small business owner.

Often what is lost in translation is the actual understanding, context and the “how” to get it done and then “how” to ensure it delivers real value. Marketing and financial management for example is undeniably fundamental to small business but holy hell how do I get from “thought to action”.

Targeting, problem solving propositions, nurturing, testing and measuring and pricing…the list goes on and on but my resources do not.

So many do a traditional business plan…”but that’s another list of things that I may or may not know how to do”!

Crack the code!


Take control, step outside your business for a period, take stock and make YOUR Plan (see below) in whatever shape and style works for you.

With and When: Do this with likeminded others and a mentor you trust to shepherd the group so that the key objectives you all have for your businesses are formed and road tested with people with experiences just like you.                                                                               

Focus on the next 12 months and the key things you want to achieve in your business.                                                                                                                                            


A great time to invest in this planning is in advance of the new financial year i.e. March/April or prior to the new calendar year i.e. Sept/Oct.

Your Plan: ensure it is focussed on practical outcomes not theory and each goal has measurable time bound outcomes… and don’t bother if you do not assemble an accountability framework to regularly check in on goal progress or roadblocks. As a minimum include the following:

-         Bedrock Values and Purpose that you can easily communicate to others

-         Why choose me? Take careful stock of the value (stuff) you bring to the table and articulate this as your value in the hands of the client

-         A logic about the clients you need to prospect to and those you do not

-         The volume and margin you need to achieve to exceed your costs

-         Things that you need but don’t have right now

-         Stepped 90 day priorities and an accountability stick!

So crack your Code, make your planning practical “learning by doing” by immersing yourself with and leveraging the experience power of likeminded others.


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Leigh Powell  is a Business Strategist and M entor with specialising in helping businesses build a compelling proposition that solves real problems focussing less on “what” a business does and more on translating the “value delivered” to a client and the “impact” this has on their business.

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