A business that runs without you is no dream!


We all get overwhelmed in business.  There is so much to do and that we should do.  However, I am here to tell you there are ways you can make it easier and use your time effectivley to build a bigger and better business.

This morning I had a tradesman visit my home . I asked him how he managed everything when he was on holidays . He told me that you can shut down your website and leave your emails unanswered until you come back. What a missed opportunity! I enquired what would happen if he broke his leg and couldn't work...what would happen? He had no systems or processes in place. I recommended he come along to YTM in Kew this week so he could build his connections and also gain knowledge from our guest speaker that will help him to build a big and better business. Would you benefit from attending? Bookings closing. https://youtu.be/UdKMzkQOTfA

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