Why Making Mistakes Is Awesome and should Be Celebrated!!

Learning from your mistakes forms a part of how you price your value to others.


Translating an idea into action is hard. Walking the bridge between idea and outcome is called taking a Risk. When you take a Risk your blood runs a little faster through your veins mixing a fear of failure with a hope that “this idea of mine could actually work”! The real battlefield is when you are deciding whether to take action and too often I find the enemy within (glass half empty) wins the day by broadcasting “what if my idea fails or captures only my imagination and nobody else’s?”

Feeling the fear and risking stuffing it up is a gigantic investment in your value proposition and future success.

At our end of year dinner in 2017, the insight  was "Problems vs. Opportunities". In preparation for this event, we asked people what was their “best mistake and what did they learn”. People responded with: trusting others blindly, not having a plan, assuming they knew, not standing in the others shoes, not having clear terms and conditions, discounting to win business, overpromising to clients, not having processes and systems, trying to be all things to all people, not trusting my gut, delegating without due diligence and controls……

owning up to mstakes.jpeg

None of these respondents talked about procrastinating.  They talked about the mistakes they made by having a go, then learning and adjusting from the learning. The most telling story was “the worst-best mistake I ever made was for my now best customer. I owned up immediately and worked with the customer to identify and resolve the problem and make it right. The customer then said be judged on how your respond to a mistake not on what happened”.

I guarantee when you look back one day you will trace your success to the mistakes you made along the way, and, now trust what you learned and how you responded.

Learning from your mistakes is a part of how you determine your worth and price your value to others. Your ability to turn a problem into an opportunity is a skill you should discuss, reflect on and implement in your business.

Trust in yourself and in those around you who have real potential and delegate“genuine permission to make a mistake”. Go on I dare you, delegate some responsibility and accountability and ask yourself and them to figure out how to prioritise and get things done, by taking a risk knowing you have your and their back if it does not work.

Make sure you acknowledge and celebrate the learning’s with them because you and they took a risk to act on an idea.

You will grow, they will grow and so will your business because Making Mistakes is Awesome and should be celebrated.


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