The Importance of Reflection When the Glass Seems Half Full

We always need to keep improving and one of the best ways is to ask our clients and customers what they value. It is one way to protect your business.

I regularly ask the YTM community what it is they value about YTM events, and our programs.

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A consistent theme was how much our professional community enjoys the opportunity to learn from others. Our unique approach means you can learn from our guest speakers and have enough time and a safe format to engage in more meaningful conversations with other professionals about your business.

Leigh and I work with many businesses throughout the year and most conversations at our events start with a problem or an opportunity. Which got me thinking. What is the biggest problem or opportunity facing most businesses at the moment? To do some research, I asked two separate questions, at different times, in a Facebook group called Business Business Business. My first question asked people their biggest problem in their business right now. My second question asked people their biggest opportunity.

Why Is it Easier to Spot Problems vs Opportunities in Your Business?

The results were very interesting, and not in the way you might think. What I found was that so many people were able to quickly and easily share their problems (in fact, I had around 88 people share their problems). And yet when it came to opportunities, there were only 5 or 6 comments.


At YTM events you will have deeper conversations than at most traditional business networking events. We know that you benefit from face to face networking as it provides you with the unique opportunity to explore and discuss challenges that you may both have experienced or need to tackle. While it’s great to have online forums like the BBB to vent and ask questions, online networking can be enhanced by being part of real and one on one conversations with YTM members or new guests over a glass of wine or beer while enjoying our popular cheese platter or a meal at the Dinner events.

Time to Reflect, Learn, Grow & Achieve

It seems that it’s so much easier to dwell on the problems. Your opportunity is to reflect on these challenges and consider questions such as ‘how did this happen’, ‘what can I learn from this’ and ‘if I face this situation again how will I handle it differently’? They say a problem shared is a problem halved and it is certainly Leigh’s and my experience that there are some common themes to the problems we are all facing as business owners. In a digital age where things are happening at such a rapid pace, it’s essential to take stock and reflect on what is working within our business and what is not.

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Networking creates continual opportunities to learn, reflect and review your business. You work hard day in year out. So why not have conversations to check your business is safe and your asset is protected. Check out our coming event- How to Protect Your Business Asset- HERE and learn from panel insights, benefit from group discussions and have your questions answered . Leave the event knowing what you need to review and action immediately, to avoid problems in the future. What an opportunity!

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