Ten Ways to Influence and Change Your Networking Outcomes in 2019


You probably have just returned to work after the holidays, and are now planning to put things in place for a productive year.   A good place to start is how ae you going to market your business to influence and change your outcomes and achieve your 2019 goals?

Networking is something you cannot overlook. Did you know that networking is a cost effective way to build your business if done correctly? So it is time to consider where, how, who and what you want from your efforts.

 Ten Ways to Influence and Change Your Networking

These tips will help you focus your networking over the coming year:-

·         Have a clear intention of what you are wanting out of the events you attend and choose the right events. If you are new, you will need to try out a few to see where you see the best fit and feel the most comfortable.  

·         Be mindful that good networking is not about selling. It is about getting to know, like and trust people who you would like to help grow their business and build a relationship sharing resources, advice and experience and a good networking relationships will provide some mutual benefit.

·         Have a clear understanding of what problems you solve and how you can help others. 

·         Know what types of business or people you are looking to connect with and who would be a good fit.

·         Practice talking about your business and clearly articulating how you make a difference in the lives of your client or customer. and also practice your listening. Learn to connect the dots between what you hear and what actually is needed, you may just have the solution.

·         Look to  create relationships that could be mutually beneficial and be curious and interested. Good relationships do not always happen overnight, they take time.

·         You also need suppliers and you also never know who knows who, so do not limit your thinking and networking to only seeking prospective clients. Remember you may speak to one person but remember they are connected to many, so never underestimate anyone.

·         Networking offers more than transactions and lead generation.  You should use it to test your model, gain feedback on your ideas, explore collaborations and expand your horizons.

·         Make sure you are organised when you attend and have business cards and a pen and notepad to jot down notes.

·         Importantly, have a system in place for follow up within 48 hours and set up a reminder system to keep in touch in the next couple of months with the contacts that are a good fit for your business, beliefs and values.


What other tips would you add? I would love you to comment below.


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