Networking - a Chance To Learn About Yourself and Others

If you have read, seen or  heard Steve Jobs’ speech to the graduate students of  Stanford University you will recall he told the graduates, that you can see your path by looking backward but are never sure where the future path will take you.  I can certainly relate to that.  

Networking Assists and Supports Others

I started out in the Travel Industry, then studied to be a teacher, established a craft market, spent time in a classroom,  and then had a role assisting international families to settle into a new country and community. Then I worked in real estate before starting my own business, Your Time Matters.  I never would have thought I would be running networking events to assist business professionals!

The common thread  I see when I look back as Steve Jobs suggested,  is  a strong link between

·         Love of people

·         Teaching and facilitation

·         Learning

·         Building  community and networks

·         Finding solutions

·         Event organisation

 And, most importantly helping others achieve what matters to them and making a difference in their lives.

For the past 9 years, I have run my business Your Time Matters.  My original tag was “Do what you do best and delegate the rest to us”.  I helped individuals, business professionals, families and international executives with the time consuming things they had on their to do lists.  As the business developed, the tag changed to “Finding Solutions for your Lifestyle and Business".


So where does networking fit? When I started Your Time Matters, I knew the most cost effective way to build my business with a limited marketing budget, was to build a network.  To increase brand awareness and visibility of my service, I needed  to meet people.   I knew it was important to engage with other business owners  who could help me  develop my business skills,   build relationships  with people who in time would become my advocates, suppliers  and clients.

My ability to make conversation and ask the right questions were key skills I had developed throughout my career. I had a diverse network and the ability to connect and establish  relationships. 

Learn Grow Achieve

Five  years ago, I changed the tagline of my business  to  “ Learn Grow Achieve” and  I now focus on creating opportunities  that  allow business owners, professionals and  teams, to find the solutions they need through our vibrant community which provides  support, connection, knowledge and opportunities to real have deeper and authentic conversations about running a business.

YTM events run monthly in Brighton , in addition  I have used my unique Conversation Starter Cards with various organisations and in a conference setting to make sure participants  connect in a relaxed and effective way taking  their networking conversations from “awkward” to “awesome” .  My many years of escorting groups overseas, creating communities, and witnessing  how crucial a support network is, has developed my interpersonal relationship skills and I  encourage better and deeper conversations to support individuals to  grow personally and professionally.

As  a teacher, I knew  that my role was very much facilitation, to know where to find the answers, as it is at YTM. I seek out presenters to extend our knowledge because often   “we don’t know what we don’t know”.

We can spend too much time “in” our business and easily delay working “on” our business.   My teaching experience helped me to  design three formats, providing   time each month for our participants to reflect and  work  “on” their  business as gaining insight  from expert presenters who may challenge  current systems and processes,  or,  introduce new concepts and ideas to implement.

Conversations to Amplify and Inspire

With such a diverse background, and having had conversations with many, many interesting people, I spent last year  writing  a book “Two Ears, One Mouth and a Big Hear – Conversations to Amplify and Inspire”. I share many stories  of many local heroes and my thoughts on the  value of networking.  The book is due to be released in March, 2019.  If you would like to know when and where it is available please drop me a line HERE and I will be in touch.

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