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The 4th Annual YTM Awards Dinner is approaching.  Apart from the 2-course meal, the rotating tables of business owners and the conversations prompted by the YTM cards, this Annual Dinner brings together  a group of  speakers from within YTM’s network, to present  a 5 minute presentation on a particular topic. Their involvement and willingness to often step out of their comfort zone,  allows the opportunity to raise their profile, practice speaking to an audience and to develop their presentation  skills.  In previous years the topics have been WHY, WHY NOT, WHY DOES IT MATTER and this year the topic our competitors will present is WHY CHOOSE ME.

It is likely what you do is offered also by others so why are you different, why are you irresistible and why are you memorable? Think about why and how you choose a supplier or a professional service and what makes them stand out in your mind. If the answer is price and if you adopt this proposition then you will have a problem sustaining your business.

Articulating your value

From experience we know that the best way to share what you do in your business is to articulate the value you provide to your client or customer by standing in their shoes. When you can demonstrate this, you are more able to highlight why they have no other choice than to choose you because you totally understand their situation.  

Sharing an experience connects us with others.

“Jennifer Aaker, professor of marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, explains that stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone. Our brains are just more active when we’re listening to a story. In fact, if you can tell a good story, you can actually synchronize your listener’s brain with your own. “

One of the popular YTM Conversation cards is “Tell me a story about a client you have helped so I can better understand what you do”

Five Tips to Help You Create Your Story

When you are asked to share a story about a client you have helped, these five tips will be useful reminders.

1.   Set the scene and outcome Early

Paint a picture to engage your audience so they can  visualise and fell the discomfort or pain being experienced by your client at the time. and what it would mean in resolving the problem.

 2. Give Some Context

Give some context to create the atmosphere . Identify the stakeholders and add details to make the upcoming conflict or challenge more interesting.

 3. Resolve the Situation

Focus on what you did to resolve the situation.

The conflict or challenge is going to be twhat makes it relevant to your connections question, it’s important to make sure you present this part as directly connected to what the connection wants to know.

 4. How were you able to make a difference

With the problem identified, go into more detail about what you did to solve it. This is the part to shine.  Why would the client choose you? Talk about yourself, your skills, and your qualifications, using your actions to illustrate why you are the right choice.  

Remember that the connection is most interested in learning about your personal contributions to the situation.

5. Share the Results

Finally,  talk about the impact your actions had, and give your story some closure if for no other reason than having a nice way to end .


So,  put context to your story, explaining  what the problem was, the steps you took to resolve it and  the results you were able to achieve showing you are the the right  choice for similar situations and they could confidently approach you for assistance and support in similar situations.

It is always good to be prepared for questions you may get of a similar nature, so practice and become confident in your own value and why your client should choose you.

You can transform your business conversation through story and we invite you to join us for dinner to hear our speakers share their stories as you witness their attempts at convincing you to choose them.  It is also an opportunity to learn from observing others,  and also take  part in an informative and fun event, whilst enjoying the relaxed, yet structured format encouraging a range of conversations with multiple people in business,  and to cast your vote for the 2019 YTM Award Winner.

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