Networking Conversations Create Opportunities

When I am speaking at a Conference, Training Day or event, I impress on others how important relationships are and how you meet suppliers, clients, referrers and friends that open up new connections and opportunities.  I first met Jacqui Snider when she came along to a YTM Business Networking event as the guest of one of our Sponsors, Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke.

Since that initial meeting, Jacqui became a  YTM 5 Member and a valued member of our community.  Jacqui will share her expertise  as the Guest speaker at our Progressive Dinner event in July.   

So, today, I would like to introduce you to Jacqui Snider.

What’s your business name and how did you come up with that? 

I’m just me……Jacqui Snider consulting.

How do you help others?


I believe that learning needs to be fun, engaging, relevant and meaningful.

I am all about embedding learning in everyday activities and holding the space for each others learning and growing.




Through my mentoring, coaching and training solutions I support people to embrace change, step into their own potential and achieve their most challenging goals



I help people to connect with themselves and build strong foundation of trust with others










 “Why” do you do what you do ?

I love it! It feels to me that this is what I was put on this earth to do. It is changing the world one conversation at a time. When I can facilitate one person to feel empowered, there is a ripple effect on so many others around them. Coaching is about giving people the fishing rod to catch their own fish to feed both themselves and others.

It floats my boat when people are opened to what they cannot see themselves. Out of this magic happens and people do things they never believed they could do.

I feel as if what I am doing now is a coming together of all the experience I have gained both personally and professionally. I bring a different perspective to workplace culture as a result of my unique experiences

jacqui snider speaker.png

§  Working in large and small NFP organisations, small business

§  Work in the Early Childhood Intervention Sector - Helping parents and children to thrive in very challenging circumstances.  Bringing the team around the child for effective intervention.  Building the confidence and competence of parent, child, and other support people  

§  Being entrepreneurial in my own businesses.  Involvement in property, shares.

§  Extensive personal development journey

§  Sport including running marathons

§  Not for profit work


I love the challenge of turning chaos into flow by making the invisible visible and understanding why people react the way they do. 

Assisting people to live their values brings authenticity, integrity and joy to their lives

What made you start your own business?

I craved doing my own thing in my own way. I felt restricted by the way other people wanted to move forward and now I look back and could never go back to being in a job. It’s exciting, empowering and fun!

I am sure there are things that really give you a buzz” about your business.  Could you share 2 or three things with us?

Watching individuals/leaders succeed as a result of the work you have done together.

Watching the big Aha moment as it happens and the excitement it brings to the person you are coaching

Calculating the ROI of my program and seeing that the financial gain from the investment far outweighing the cost.

As you know at Your Time Matters, we believe conversations, connections and knowledge enrich lives, personally and professionally, and can impact on the lives of  others, helping them learn, grow and achieve what matters to them.  What impact would you like your business to make?

It is no different to yours. Everything happens through conversations, so helping people to have greater awareness of their own impact on others

In 3 years time, where would you like to see your business?

Have a public profile as a thought leader in workplace culture and community.

Working with more values based companies and individuals to create the best places to work.

Partnering with like minded people to create programs

Contributing and facilitating other businesses to contribute to Global Goals

Can you give us one tip on how to manage your time as a busy business professional?

I am not great at this yet and am still learning by watching others, but the most important thing for me is to learn to say NO to working with people who are not aligned with your values.

How have you benefited from being part of the YTM community?

I don’t feel alone in my business challenge. Met some awesome people, learned some interesting things and strengthened my business community

Please share your favourite quote with us about time or business .

Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting…..If what you are doing is not working try anything else!

How can people connect with you?   

You can connect with me via my website,  and of course come along to the  YTM event on 31st July where I am speaking on "Conversational Intelligence"...its more than just what you say. "  It is an interactive session and you will really enjoy the format that YTM provides. Details


I hope you have enjoyed the read today and I invite you to connect with us on  via our LinkedIn Company page Your Time Matters (Australia) to keep informed of  tips, tricks and other opportunities  and   strategies we offer  to help you build your business.