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There is something you may not know about me other than I am, Kerryn Powell,  the Founder and Creator of Your Time Matters!  I love to connect people, learn why they do what that do, make sure they have the knowledge going forward AND... I love to change things up and  not only does that mean I create a range of events and workshops that help business professionals network, and learn, grow and achieve, I am personally known for constantly moving furniture around in our home.  I joke often that my husbaned Leigh, is the only constant in my life.  Perhaps in another life, I will be an architect  or an Interior Designer. 

One  of the benefits of what I currently do is connect  and have conversations with a range of diverse business professionals.  Today  I would like  to introduce you to Susie Miles,  Interior Designer.  We first met at the Bayside Business Network and since then have had many mutually beneficial conversations,  shareing knowledge and expereince.   

Meet Susie-   


What’s your business name and how did you come up with that? 

Susie Miles Design. I wanted my interior design business to be personal and to stand for one-on-one meaningful relationships with clients.

How do you help others?

I partner with people who are renovating, refurbishing or building because it’s really hard to do it by yourself!  I help clients understand their vision, needs and personal style. Together we explore the big picture they have for their home, then create it step by step.

Why” do you do what you do ?

I believe that everyone has the right to live in a beautiful home that they’re proud of and love being in.

What made you start your own business?

I’m passionate about creating beautiful, functional home interiors and I’ve found that many people don’t know where to start, can’t develop their own ideas and lack confidence to do it themselves. I’ve always instinctively known how to transform interiors and that was the inspiration behind starting my business.

I am sure there are things that really give you a buzz” about your business.  Could you share 2 or three things with us?

- My biggest buzz is when I’ve finished the client’s project and I see the absolute delight on their faces when they walk in the door and see the transformation for the first time!

- I get inspired when I listen to my clients’ aspirations for their home, then have the pleasure of bringing their ideas to life.

- I love sharing my design experience and educating people through my DesignerSecrets Workshops, knowing I’m adding value to peoples’ lives by showing them a simple process to create a beautiful home.

As you know at Your Time Matters, we believe conversations, connections and knowledge enrich lives, personally and professionally, and can impact the lives of others, helping them learn, grow and achieve what matters to them.  What impact would you like your business to make?

I’d like to think my business helps demystify interior design for homeowners, inspiring people to see the value of good design for their home interiors and making a difference to the way they live.

I’d like to give people confidence to make wise design decisions and help them create homes they love living in.

In 3 years time, where would you like to see your business?

I’d like to see my DesignerSecrets 7 step method being known and implemented both here and overseas, through regular live Workshops, Webinars, my DesignerSecrets book and a Membership site.

I’d like to organise interactive DesignerSecrets tours to expose enthusiasts to design showrooms and galleries in Melbourne and to overseas design destinations such as New York.

In 3 years time I’d like to see Susie Miles Design have grown a small collaborative team to help build the DesignerSecrets education arm, design tours and continue consulting with our ideal clients.

Can you give us one tip on how to manage your time as a busy business professional?

I like to create small 2 hour blocks of time daily to focus on different tasks in the business. Whether it’s working on workshop content, consulting, preparing clients documentation or sourcing products at showrooms, managing the tasks in blocks of time helps me focus on one part of the business at a time. Then I balance it out with exercise and getting out into nature – a walk, yoga or golf!

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How have you benefited from being part of the YTM community?

Through YTM I’ve benefited from some inspiring speakers who’ve helped me think differently about the way I do business. I’ve also collaborated with some great YTM business owners and recently teamed up with a landscape designer and finance broker to present a successful Home and Garden Design Workshop.

Please share your favourite quote with us about time or business.

I have a few that ring true for me from my favourite business guru, Richard Branson -

“ A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts”

“The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit”

“Above all you want to create something you are proud of...”

 “Life is too short to fear flying higher” (Richard Branson’s mother)

How can people connect with you?   

Mobile: 0409 302420


Facebook: Susie Miles Design

Thank you Susie.  Having witnessed your workshops and worked with you, I know that you truly can help people make a place they love to live in.  You can catch up with Suise at the Brighton YTM events- details here