Networking Face to Face is Critical

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It is that time of year again, when many companies are preparing to offer Graduate programs to hopeful young people, looking to advance their skills and career prospects.   I wonder how much these organisations  take into consideration the impact social media has on young people.  You only have to look around you on the train or at a café, to see heads buried, thumbs flying, involved in lengthy online conversations.  The art of having a real…face to face conversation appears to be dying.



I have even been involved in discussions over the dining table with Gen Y and heard them complain how boring it is to have to attend a work event  and make conversation with strangers, let alone know what to talk about..

 Such a shame, I would say.  Networking expands our horizons and enriches our lives both personally and professionally.  It is an opportunity to benefit from  experience and knowledge that you may never personally have exposure to; however by adopting a more positive attitude and an interest in others can certainly generate opportunities to lrean and see things from another persepctive.



As no one achieves anything alone, and networking is a life skill, there is an advantage to learn how to network face-to-face as well as online.

 For example, Graduates need to better understand:

·         the real value of networking to their business and their career

·         how to build rapport

·         how to have authentic and effective conversations

·         learn how to keep track of connections

·         how to follow up and nurture  relationships

·         understand various communication styles

·         the importance of personal brand


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Today’s  dynamic environment creates  a  range of potential barriers for individuals and organisations  to engage and network with each other, as well as clients and people across an organisation.


Diversity  of cultures, educational backgrounds, and levels of experience coupled with the exponential growth of technology and social media has had a massive impact on how individuals, groups and organisations communicate both internally and with the external market.


 Developing networking skills, understanding the etiquette involved,  and knowing how to achieve deeper and engaging conversations can help  boost confidence and leave a lasting impression on those communicated with.  



Whether internally or externally the ability to build strong networks within and across teams, in a workplace or profession or industry  provides for  better business agility, insights  and will better influence outcomes.

I would be interested in how you help your Graduates to build their networking confidence and to see the real value in face to face interactions. Please comment below.

Yourtimematters (YTM) has developed a unique program of workshops and training sessions to break down the barriers and silos that new employees face when joining an organisation.


These can be tailored to meet the specific needs.


By creating a safe, stimulating and fun environment for the participants, barriers to engaging and networking, either perceived or real, are addressed in a respectful and meaningful way.


The YTM program has been designed to focus on the needs of individuals  that  will provide insights in:


• Forming relationships

• Building confidence and developing meaningful networks

• Sharing experiences and leveraging from the expertise of others

• Collaborating

• Understanding difference and adapting both style and communication

• Optimising interactions with clients and potential clients


If you are looking to improve and develop interpersonal skills within your organisation YTM can work with your organisation to design the right event, contact us today.




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